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Sep 19, 2011 11:22 PM

Sweet and southern-New BBQ restaurant in Oakhurst

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  1. Is this where another chain burger place was? The plaza with Takara?

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      Yea. Jakes hamburgers used to be there

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        According to the website it is located in the Orchard Shopping Plaza. Given that Takara and Sweet & Southern are at the same address (1610 Highway 35 Oakhurst, NJ) suggests they are pretty close...

      2. Just finished some takeout from here and the best I can say is: "Meh." Which is unfortunate, if this review was strictly based on the sides it would be better. We ordered the fried chicken meal for three and an add-on of a pound of smoked beef brisket.

        First the good: my wife said the baked beans were "out-of-this-world", the mac & cheese was tasty, a little on the oily side with numerous cheeses in it. The coleslaw was coarsely chopped, very creamy and kind of sweet, almost... marshmellowy.

        The not-so-good: the family meal for three was described on the phone as "1 whole chicken" - two each of legs, thighs, breasts and wings. Not an overabundance of food, a fairly small bird with the stingiest breasts I've ever seen. The chicken was overcooked, thighs tough, breasts dry and had little or no seasoning.

        The "smoked beef brisket" (sliced) while fork tender had no smoke flavor whatsoever and little other flavor. Even the end slices I ate had no seasoning. While I'm in no way claiming that it was cooked this way it kind of reminded me of boiled meat.

        Tired of the local Chicken Kitchen, in between KFC's and just a little too far for a quick evening meal from Belmar and Asbury I had high hopes for some different fried chicken. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

        Chicken Kitchen
        1140 Broad St, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

        1. Took out the brisket platter. TWO pieces of meat, one corn bread, some sweet potato fries and string beans. The cost about $11.50. Everything was good. The sides were great. BUT TWO PIECES OF MEAT, THAT IS TWO SLICES OF MEAT ? AND THE MEAT HAD FAT. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ONLY PUT IN TWO PIECES OF MEAT for $11.50. That is why I give it one start. I'd give it 5 stars for flavor, but alas, it is a rip off.


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            $11.50 seems high for two slices of brisket, but I'd have been more pissed if it didn't have fat.

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              Cooked without the fat, I agree with you. But once it's cooked, excess (but not all) fat should be trimmed off.

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                Sure, excess may get trimmed, that's the "pitmaster's prerogative." After 18 hours, you need some good, hearty tastes. Then, if you don't eat it right off, others get to fight over it.