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Sep 19, 2011 10:13 PM

French Macarons in Seattle?

I just returned from NYC a few days ago, and had the most amazing french macarons from La Maison Laduree, a french macaron store that just opened their first US store a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know where I can find a decent macaron in Seattle? I've tried Le Panier, it doesn't even come close to what a true macaron should be.

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  1. Ines Patisserie in Madison Valley. All of her pastries are devine. Had a black currant macaroon there that I still háček dreams about.

    1. Honore in Ballard has tasty macarons.

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        I've only had them at Honore' where they have a variety of colorful flavors.

      2. Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle--theirs are heavenly!

        Bakery Nouveau
        4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

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          I'm not a huge macaron fan to begin with (all things meringue are usually too sweet for me), but I am always surprised at how rough and amateur Nouveau's macarons look. I realize that the guy who won the coupe du monde is not doing all the production, just makes me wonder if he is even ever there to enforce standards. If I had the world cup of pastry on my shelf, I'd make sure my macarons were actually round and the tops and bottoms were the same size, just sayin'. Or maybe they grind their own almond flour and that is why they look so lumpy? But I went for a treat today and because of this thread, got a salted caramel macaron. There was a generous amount of gooey filling and the shell was both crumbly and melt in the mouth. Not sure if it meets the OP's ideal, but it was good eating.

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            OK, I am going to have to try their salted caramel macaron at Bakery Nouveau- we had a salted caramel one at Laduree and I have to say, it was one of THE most yummiest things I have ever eaten, and I'm not a huge sweets fan myself. The shell was crumbly and melt in the mouth, but the caramel lingered for just the right amount..............I may actually be kind of picky in the macaron dept because we tried a caramel macaron from a different bakery in NYC(that only sold macarons), and the caramel and shell just kind of disintegrated in the mouth. The caramel itself tasted good, but something was just a little off. Anyway, thank you all for the recs, after I burn off some of the food I had eating my way through New York, I will definitely try a macaron in Seattle.

            Bakery Nouveau
            4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

        2. Well, Laduree is arguably the gold standard for macarons (I've had them in Paris. I actually prefer Herme but anyway....). Personally I don't think you can find them as good as Laduree anywhere in the US, except now I guess, at the Laduree store in NYC. Fresh Flours on Phinney does nice ones though they usually only have 4 flavors rather than a huge selection. I agree, Le Panier's are awful.

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            thanks for the info everyone! I will try to go to one of these bakeries soon. And to christy319, my mom is in Japan now and I had asked her to buy some macarons for me before I had tried Laduree. I am almost sure that she was planning to buy macarons from Pierre Herme- I am quite excited!!

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              When all else fails and you can't get the best there is always TJ's.

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                Ooohh, macarons are so perishable, I'm not sure the Herme will be great if not consumed the day of. So cut them some slack if they aren't perfect. :)

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                    I swear I read on a pastry board elsewhere that PH keeps his macarons in the refrigerator for 3 days to soften, but maybe there is a narrow window before they get too soft? When I make them with butter cream, I like to let them sit a day to soften, and will keep them in the fridge for several days. YMMV