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Sep 19, 2011 06:30 PM

Looking for a restaurant with a very nice "relish tray" and good shrimp dip, too.

So, my elderly Swank relatives are coming for a visit. Palates are tame -- VERY tame. A family favorite for many years was Newton's Pillar House, if any of you remember that spot. Another favorite has been Anthony's Pier 4. They'll be in town for a couple of days before heading down to New York. I'd like to treat them to a couple of nice meals out. I was considering Locke-Ober, but I think that might be too pricey/fussy for them. We basically want a good value and old-fashioned, hearty food. Bonus if the desserts are served and chosen from a tray and a salad or appetizer is included in entree price.
Northern or Western suburbs are OK.

3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108

Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant
140 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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  1. I haven't ever been, but what about Mount Vernon Restaurant? It seems pretty old school but still nice.

    I am not sure you will find a relish tray anywhere, all the restaurants of my youth that had them have since had to stop the practice due to health codes. But I didn't grow up in Massachusetts, maybe the rules are different here.

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        Really? Not a good choice? Or is my comment moderator bait?

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          No, I thought you might be thinking of the Saugus location, but I was wrong (2 of the MV's locations just closed, including the Saugus location).

    1. The Continental in Saugus is exactly the place that you are looking for.

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        I thought the exact same thing. Passed apps and popovers: just the ticket.
        Edit: just realized how many others agreed, should've read down before replying.

      2. The first place that comes to mind that may fit the bill is the Continental on Route 1. That is my grandparents favorite :special occasion" meal, and the servers bring out various passed appetizers while you wait for youer meal (turnovers, chicken wings, fritters, etc) and I do recall some sort od cold bean dip, a giant wedge of cheese and crackers in the lounge area.

        1. Check the website for 75 Chestnut. I think it would appeal to all in your party.

          75 Chestnut
          75 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA 02114

          1. Check out Angelica's in Middleton