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Sep 19, 2011 06:03 PM

Options in Athens OH

My wife and I are going to be spending a few days in Athens. Looking for nice local places and open to about anything. I was surprised nothing turned up on the area when I did a search. Help!


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  1. Never been to this place but this product looks intriguing:

    1. Athens has an abundance of local places. What kind of search did you do?

      1. Son just started his freshman year at Ohio University. I recommend Broney's Alumni Grill -- big cheap menu, garlic wings loaded with actual garlic. Brenan's Deli. Court Street Diner.

        Court Street Diner
        18 N Court St, Athens, OH 45701

        Alumni Grill
        4000 Lincoln St E, Canton, OH 44707

        1. I'm surprised nothing turned up when you did a search. Athens has gained a reputation as being an Ohio local food haven. It's been a while since I graduated, but while I was there I loved o'betty's hot dogs. ( I also love Casa Nueva ( I've driven four hours from northern Ohio just to have a Casa meal. I seem to remember hearing good things about Restaurant Salaam (, but it opened after I left. There is also Purple Chopsix (

          Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina
          6 W State St, Athens, OH 45701

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            Thanks to all. We traveled a bit and went to Inn at Cedar Falls as we are staying about mid way between Athens and the Inn. Definitly worth the drive.

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              It's too bad Cedar Falls itself is in its "off" time, but that whole area is arguably the most scenic in the state.