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Sep 19, 2011 05:43 PM

16th Birthday dinner help please!

Hi I'm looking to have a Sweet 16th Birthday Dinner at a Philadelphia restaurant. I was thinking of 3 to 8 friends and nothing over $13-20 per person. A restaurant I was looking at was Max Brenner but I'm looking for more ideas. Preferably somewhere nicely or interestingly decorated (thinking hanging chairs at Continental Midtown) and serving American, Italian, or anything that would appeal to 16 year old girls. Location isn't key, but it would be nice to walk around afterwards or shop. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Beau Monde is a french creperie at 6th and Bainbridge, it's cute and I think would be fun for a group of 16 year olds. South Street is a block away for post-dinner strolling. I would suggest finding a place that takes reservations (Continental does not) especially if you are six or more.

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      I would recommond Marrakesh for a fun birthday dinner. My D went there for her 18th and it was a big hit. The price is very reasonable. Max Brenner is expensive. After, they can walk along South St.

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        +1 for marrakesh- ive attended many a successful group dinner there

    2. I'd second Beau Monde and add Catina los Caballito's on East Passyunk, another nice area for a stroll.

      1. Maybe El Rey then Rittenhouse Square and Walnut St afterwards. I'd say Dandelion but price is pushing it.

        Another idea on South St is Percy St BBQ, then have easy and affordable per-person deals that will give you a table full of meat and sides.

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          If you are going to do El Rey you could just as easily to El Vez..... then you have market street to stroll around.... or a walk to Chinatown ...

        2. thank you so much these restaurants are great!