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Sep 19, 2011 04:33 PM

new branch of canada steakburger opening in eastlake/chula vista

still the best gyros i've ever had, and the steakburger with gyro meat sliced on top is awesome. it's been family owned and run since i can remember, and always on our must-eat list when my husband and i visit from LA. we have a million middle-eastern/greek places up here and none compare to this place. the food isn't exactly healthy (they do have herbed chicken and greek salad) but it is cheap, fresh, and handmade with love.

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  1. I looked at their menu (it's located on University Ave. between the 805 and the 15) and gyros on top of a burger sounds really good. I plan to check it out.

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      Don't forget to ask for tzetsizki(sp?) sauce, they don't usually give that with their burger + gyros.

      They do have a pretty wide menu (falafel, steak, ribs, roasted chicken, souvlaki), and there's nothing on it I don't recommend. Their fries are one of my favorites in San Diego.