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Sep 19, 2011 04:08 PM

Higher end indian catering in SF - Dosa catering experiences or other suggestions . . .

Looking to have a large-ish (125 person) party catered and thinking about Indian. We're pretty picky (high standards) when it comes to our indian food, but most of our favorite places arent really wedding-appropriate (Vik's, Udipi Palace, Shalimar) and id have concerns about service and presentation and "getting it" in terms of creating the right environment for the event, beyond purely how the food tastes.

I see from their website that Dosa does catering, including service, does anyone have experiences with hiring them for a party (or eating at a party they catered). As i said we much prefer the food down the block, but would be more than willing to pay for the assurance that the experience would be memorable (as long as their catering food was up to par).

We're looking to have the event in SF proper, but are not at all opposed to hiring someone to come in from the South or East Bays - food quality is important but we're also looking for someone who can handle service (and probably rentals since the venue were looking at doesn't include much but tables/chairs - though we could coordinate rentals on our own if need be)

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  1. Oh, should have mentioned - were not tied to any particular style of indian, southern/northern, meat/veg - wise, though mobile tandoori outfits are probably out given the lack of outdoor space at the venue.

    1. Three years later . . . wondering who you hired and how the experience turned out.

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        Since you asked . . . we had pizza from Roberta's here in Brooklyn. Things took a (several?) turns and we ended up relocating the event closer to our (now) home here in NYC, and decided we were not wedded (heh) to the idea of indian - though we had dessert catered by Sukhadia's Indian Sweets of Islein/Edison NJ.

        I just went back into my inbox and confirmed, but i never heard back from my (emailed) catering request from Dosa, which would have bothered me more if we hadnt changed plans and relocated the event.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Naan . . . Pizza . . . all good. Thanks for closing the loop and that's one data point on Dosa's (un)responsiveness.

          Spotted a catering truck for Cafe Tandoor of San Ramon on the freeway today, so I'll add a link here in case it helps the next person. No idea about the food.