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Sep 19, 2011 02:46 PM

2 Nights in Kansas City OCT 1-2.

I have a group of 4 guys that I'm bringing to KC for our annual Minnesota Vikings roadtrip. We arrive SAT afternoon and go to the game Sunday at noon. We usually do something indicative of local cuisine SAT night (definitely ISO BBQ) and then steak dinner post-game. We're staying on The Plaza, but will have a car. Leaning towards either Arthur Bryant's or the American Royal BBQ contest SAT and The Plaza Steakhouse SUN, but any other recs would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Definitely do the American Royal BBQ contest - lots of fun and great barbecue. While some will disagree with me - I like Jack Stack's bbq a lot and there is a location on the Plaza. Are you talking about Plaza III? I am not such a fan - but I am not a guy, either. Have fun.

    1. You might want to research what's going on at the Royal on Saturday night. It used to be that everything was over on Saturday afternoon. They've tried to stretch things out to include Sunday but I don't know what activities are going on Saturday night. More than likely, if you want to eat barbecue, you will need to purchase it from vendors (read not good barbecue) as the vast majority of teams are not allowed to sell or give samples to the general public. Teams can purchase the right to sell barbecue, but will probably be out by Saturday night. Again, check up on this.

      For blues and barbecue on Saturday night, check out BB's Lawnside. Pretty good barbecue and great blues in an old roadhouse atmosphere.

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        Thanks for the feedback. The Royal website is (purposefully?) obscure regarding what food is available and from whom (but there is mention of a food court, which raised a red flag). so, if you only had one chance to eat KC BBQ (I'm a brisket guy, everyone else in the group is all about pork ribs), would you go Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant's, BB's or Oklahoma Joe's. Also, would Plaza III be the best Steakhouse for Men?

        1. re: g_rote

          If it's just all about barbecue, OK Joe's or LC's. Both are excellent. For a night out, BB's is a lot of fun.

          Never been to PIII, but I hear its really good. Others may be able to help you out.

          Found this on Yelp about the Royal, pretty funny. Saddens me that she didn't have a good time.

          1. re: chileheadmike

            yikes on that Yelp review. confirmed my suspicions. scratching that off the list.

            1. re: g_rote

              I had a team and we competed in the Royal for about 10 years. The crowd got worse and drunker as the years went by. I'd finally had enough. We had a really good time though and I miss it a lot. If you don't know someone with a site, it can be kind of boring and you won't get much food other than the vended stuff. Lots of bands though, there were usually two or three within a couple of sites from us.

              Also, it looks like they've moved the Open from Saturday to Sunday so there should be a lot going on Saturday night.

              It's fun, just know what you're getting into.