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Sep 19, 2011 02:40 PM

Mallorcas in Miami??

Originally we were planning to go on a cruise that stopped in San Juan, but now that I've changed itineraries we won't be =(. I have heard good things about Mallorcas and was excited to try them.

Are there any places in Miami that sell them?


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  1. Sadly, no. I am from Puerto Rico and live in Miami and have yet to find them. They are one of the things I miss most about my island. Have tried multiple times to make them at home but they never turn out the same. Hope you make it to PR someday and try them, they are delicious.

    Puerto Rico Restaurant
    1055 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33125

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      Oh thats disappointing. I guess its another excuse for me to visit PR!

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        I also looooove Puerto Rican mallorcas! I'm on the hunt for them here in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale as well. But for the meanwhile, I do get my sweet tooth fix with the pan dulce from Moises bakery in Miami Beach. They also add a small piece of crema pastelera (baker's cream) or something like that but that is not overly sweet, thankfully. And while pan dulce is definitely not the same, it's nevertheless good and helps pass the tide (especially if you toast it on the foil-wrapped pan for a little bit to warm it up a little bit to make it soft - but not too much to melt the sugar that is on top). Hope this helps - at least until someone here can point us to the direction for mallorcas! :)

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          mialebven...thanks (I think)! Lol...I have so many places I want to try but sooo little time.

          I'll definitely try to squeeze this bakery in too! Sounds great!

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            OMG! Okay, so I found the bakery on yelp and it looks sooo good. Can someone tell me what the picture of the donut type thing with custard? is??? What else should I try if I go here? The empanadas look good too!

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              Sorry, I just saw this now.

              I don't think the empanadas at Moises are the best, to be honest. They have gotten some fame in the neighborhood though. The better Venezuelan empanadas are out in Doral (I haven't had better outside of Doral yet).

              But I love also the golfeados that they make there (and they're a surprising bargain) - and should also be topped with cheese. The sweet bread with a bit of custard is pan dulce (Venezuelan style).

              They also make good cachitos, a small closed bread stuffed with ham.

              And they also make pan andino, a loaf of bread that made typically in the Venezuelan Andes - and is rare to find especially in Miami (Don Pan has it but they make a very mediocre version and Moises' version is the best pan Andino I've found to date in the area. Other Venezuelan bakeries don't seem to make it). They get dried fast, so they're usually wrapped in plastic. And they're usually needing to be ordered a day in advance - but they may have some already baked, depending on the day you go. They're good toasted with butter and topped with queso de mano cheese that they sell there (they sell it for $15 for a pack of three - but it's worth it considering Publix charges $7 for one that isn't as good). But it's just a huge loaf of bread - and I'm not sure if you'll be interested in that.

              I also want to note that I haven't had these on-site since I seem to enjoy it more toasting in the pan like I mentioned above. Maybe it adds a touch of home to the meal? :)

              Hope this helps!

              1. re: mialebven

                Thanks for the info! We might end up staying near the Dolphin Mall, so are there any places around there worth checking out since you mention Doral?