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Sep 19, 2011 01:56 PM

Interesting Portland Dinner - Old Port, Drinks

Hello - We are staying for one night in the Old Port to celebrate our anniversary. We will be going to Duck Fat for fries to go, J's for oysters (for DH), Micucci's for the bakery in the back (I hope they still have the luna rolls) for a lunchtime graze. Then, looking for a place for dinner in the Old Port so we don't have to drive. A couple years ago we went to Fore Street and had a fantastic dinner (I still think about the rabbit dish) so I am considering giong there again, but would love to try somewhere new. Any suggestions? No budget for this once yearly special dinner and we eat just about anything, but I can't eat shellfish. Also, where should we go for drinks before or after? We are early 40s, like trendy places. Thanks!

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  1. Go to J's for drinks. Don't get the oysters.

    1. I like your thinking. Maybe a couple of very slight changes. I'm a huge Micucci's AND Duckfat fan and usually hit them up in that order. Split a slab of pizza at Micucci then walk down the block and do the fries at Duckfat. The Luna is great too and I usually buy two as one gets eaten on the drive home but if you haven't had a slab of their Sicilian pizza, you're missing something special.

      As for dinner my favorite these days is Miyake which is now on Fore St. and is therefore officially trendy. Splurging? The 7 course Omakase is the best. This is not just a regular sushi place although you'll be sure to have a sushi and a sashimi course. There's usually a duck course and probably something with pork as the chef/owner has expanded his farm to include some really different veges/proteins. Tell them about the shellfish thing or you'll end up with it on your plate. After Miyake, Hugo's is another great choice. Same owner as Duckfat but very different experiences.

      For trendy bars, a few blocks up hill to Grace. It's worth the walk just to see what they've done with a 150 year old church. Before dinner when the sun is shining through the stained glass is especially nice. Staying in the Old Port, we had a good time at Ginko Blue - possibly a bit too trendy for Portland. I've heard good things about Zapoteca and if you're into tequila, that's your place. Beer: Nuvare Res - finding it is half the fun.

      By the way, I just hit up J's last week and have to agree with what many have written - it's more about the steamers. I'd do oysters at the Old Port Sea Grill but I'd still hit J's as I just really like the place.

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        Big +1 for both Miyake and Novare Res.