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Sep 19, 2011 01:29 PM

vergennes laundry

Anyone been to the Vergennes Laundry in Vergennes, VT? Got a good write ni Food and WIne (Bon Appeitte?) this month.

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  1. Yes, excellent coffees and French bread and pastries, albeit a very limited menu. Their croissants and pain au chocolat are without compare in these parts. One quibble: breads are only available at 4pm. What kind of bakery doesn't have fresh bread in the morning? It's Tribeca vibe is also a bit of an anomaly in this rural/blue collar area.

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    1. re: vjpam

      I've been there once and had the morning bun - AWESOME. My only "complaint" is that the place feels a little too "cool" for me. I feel out of place in there. As vjpam said, it's got more of a city vibe.

      1. re: bm_vt

        Made the stop and agree that the croissants are fabulous. Also agree about limited menu. I got one of Everything they offered the morning I was there: a croissant, a fig and almond biscotti and a little chocolate sable. The biscotti was prefectly textured with a smokiness that was a great match with coffee. The sable had just the right salt/sugar ratio.