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Sep 19, 2011 12:01 PM


Hi all. I recently made boudin balls and bagged and froze all but 4, which I deep fried and ate. They were amazingly good.

Earlier today I pulled 6 of them out of a bag, defrosted them, rolled them in pankow and tried to deep fry them. All but two fell apart in the oil. Not just broke in half, but disintegrated.

Anyone have an idea of WHY and what I can do to correct this problem?? I don't have a sausage stuffing attachment for my Kitchen Aid and even if I did, I have no clue where to get casings.


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  1. Was there rice in them? My experience with rice/meat mixes in the freezer has led me to believe that it's not worth doing. I've tried to freeze extra cabbage roll filling several times, which is about a 3:2 ratio of uncooked ground meat to cooked rice. Texture is great when the cabbage rolls are cooked before being frozen, but when I've thawed the unused meat and tried to use it again, it's disintegrated in the same way that you described.

    You could use them in some sort of hash or something, that'd be tasty.

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      Yeah, what "whats for dinner" said...
      Another factor is the meat in the boudin- when making sausages, proteins bond to one another (a sausage is really just an over-worked burger in a casing)- to my own chagrin I've had a few batches of sausages both fresh and dry cured fail because they got too cold and the proteins stayed in the grind, not binding with one another.

    2. I cook my boudin balls before freezing.....they reheat just fine and don't fall apart.

      I make mine out of store-bought boudin (I always stop in Scott, LA) and always had trouble getting the balls to hold together after I took the boudin mixture out of the casing until I learned to add flour to the mixture....half a cup, or as needed, per every two boudin, until they stick together well. Then milk or egg, crumbs and fry or bake.

      1. I would guess it's because of the rice. The freeze and thaw probably changed the consistency of the rice so that it was no longer properly holding the rest of the sausage together as well.

        1. Anyone know the secret to the batter on Billy's boudin balls? Yeah, I know it's a secret, but maybe someone has an idea.