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Sep 19, 2011 11:39 AM

Business Dinner Recommendations

Two of my bosses will be having dinner in Montreal on Wed., Oct. 19th. One of them asked me to research restaurants for them as I am his go-to person for that in the U.S. Unfortunately, I've never been to Montreal. I've done some searching on this board and several others -- am overwhelmed by the choices. Wondered if I could receive some recommendations possibly?

Their criteria would be:
- Not too far from their hotel, the downtown Intercontinental.
- Good wine list.
- Good food but not so gourmet they will go away hungry. Maybe upscale bistro would be a good description.

Below is the list that I've accumulated thus far:

Graziella (upscale? Italian)
Mas des Oliviers (traditional southern French)
Decca 77 (good wine list)
Au Pied de Cochon (may be too unique (i.e. "slabs of meat" review)
Lemeac (good wine list)
L'Express Bistro (also nice wine list)
Chez Queux (old fashioned French meal)
Toque (sounds like a VERY nice restaurant but maybe too gourmet? i.e. may go away hungry)
Les Trois Petits Bouchons (good wine list)
La Salle a Manger (alot of good reviews on Yelp)

Thanks for any comments!

Au Pied de Cochon
536 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A9, CA

L'Express Restaurant
3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

Decca 77
1077, rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3B 4X4, CA

Chez Queux
158 St Paul E, Montreal, QC H2Y1G6, CA

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  1. I would go with Le Club Chasse et Pêche.

    It's a short cab ride from the IC and fits most of the above descriptions in a setting befitting a business dinner. For upscale bistro, if they don't mind a 7 minute commute into the Plateau, try Leméac, Les Trois Petits Bouchons, or Laloux. For something a bit closer, Chez l'Épicier in Old Montreal. Au Cinquième Péché for land&sea or maybe Le Bremner.

    If they're just looking for a single dinner, you will not go wrong with LCCeP. I would make reservations there.

    1. You could add DNA to your list. Close to hotel, Canadian wine list (could be different for them) and although upscale, not to gourmet in terms of portions IMHO. But le CCeP is excellent. On your original list, all your choices are solid and would not disapoint, but I would avoid Chez Queux. La Salle a Manger does have an interesting wine list.

      Chez Queux
      158 St Paul E, Montreal, QC H2Y1G6, CA

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      1. re: stephlovestoeat

        I noticed on other threads that abbreviations/acronyms are used as compared to the U.S. What is DNA and le CCeP? Thanks --

        1. re: ParmLover

          DNA is the actual name of the restaurant
          CCeP is le Club Chasse et Peche.