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Sep 19, 2011 10:28 AM

favorite store bought dumplings

We usually get the Ling Ling chicken dumplings at Costco. They are very good but I want to try some others. Thanks.

Also would love to have recommendations for favorite store bought pierogi, tortellini, ravioli, etc. I have been packing these for my son's lunches and I want to get some variety!

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  1. For a while, Costco had the Pork version, which I thought were tastier. The Costco Business Centers still do on occasion. But I think the Ling Ling brand has skins that are too thick and the skins tend to fall off.

    So now what I do is go to the large Asian grocery stores in our area and just pick any packages that have no little or English on them other than maybe the word Pork. They are usually spectacular.

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    1. Love the Wei-Chuan brand I get at our local Asian store. They have wonderful varieties and are very flavorful. Quickest dinner ever.

      1. I just had Gyoza pork dumplings with ponzu sauce for breakfast today?

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          I think the OP is looking for specific brands?