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Sep 19, 2011 09:23 AM

Salem Foods Waltham

Just a shout out for this place.

A modest Italian Grocery in Waltham.

The thing that got me were the artisan made meats I got a sopressata that I have not tried yet, but looks awesome.

Nice pasta selection, some nice cheeses.

The salami's were the thing that really caught my attention. 1/4 the price of Formaggio. I'll report back when I actually taste the thing.

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  1. Salem is a great little place. I'm pretty sure they sell De Pascuale sausage, too, so it's pretty convenient. They also sell thin pounded chicken and veal cutlets for a quick dinner. I keep forgetting to try their sandwiches, especially the Italian.

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    1. re: bear

      The Italian is great. They also will grind beef for you for hamburg on the spot.

      1. re: andieb

        Fresh ground beef is a good thing.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          And they'll grind however you want it.

        2. re: andieb

          Thanks, andieb. Good info, and I must try that sandwich soon.

          Oh, and I think the sausage is actually Bianco's.

        3. re: bear

          I saw the thin chicken - I thought it was sliced that thin because they did it by machine. However they do it, it's stuck in my brain. I wish I could get my chicken cut that thin for my cutlets (anyone who knows me, knows I'm terrible with knife skills - cooking, baking, great - knife skills - need improvement, lots).

          1. re: threedogs

            freeze (or, conversely, defrost ) your chicken breast halfway, until you can get a knife through it. slice horizontally into thin slices- w/ a newly sharpened/honed knife. Pound between wax paper with mallet or rolling pin.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Thank you, ochef! I'll def try that - thanks!

        4. I think I am somewhat prone to superlatives when I have a new chow-find, but I just had that sopresatta for lunch. Darned if it wasn't some of the best charcutterie I've had this side of Italy or Spain. And a wicked bargain to boot. Quite spicy, and totally delicious.

          I know what I am using next time I make chorizo with garbanzos...

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            I was just there Monday, but I had to turn away without buying anything. I've taken time off from watching what I was eating for some summer treats, but I'm back being serious now, and couldn't take the temptation. But man - those meats & cheeses looked awesome! In fact, I was eyeing that sopresatta - that was a life-long favorite of someone near & dear to me, who passed away last year. He would have been in his glory in this little store.

            This area has so many nearby chow places - this is yet another great addition to my grocery arsenal! The North End isn't difficult to get to by T from here, but it's a pain when someone comes to visit (no parking) & we just want to make a quick lunch at home. Plus it's good to know the prices area bit better, too.

            1. re: threedogs

              Lightbulb! This may also be the spot for your canned tomatoes. Never checked that out though. Their prices are reasonable. (Whatever that means these days!)

          2. I keep threatening to check this place out whenever I see it, but it never comes to mind when I'm in the mood for a sandwich. I always though it odd that I have never seen anyone go in or out of the place though.

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              1. re: LStaff

                Just trying to imagine you staying outside the place..watching to see if there are people going in & out...

                1. re: threedogs

                  I eat lunch across the street about once a week and I am on Moody St much more frequently than that - and have been for years. Probably just a coincidence of timing, but odd to me that I would never see anyone go in or out of a deli during lunch hours and it is able to stay in business - maybe the do a lot of catering orders, who knows. But its time for me to check it out.

                  1. re: LStaff

                    I've been a regular customer of Salem Market for about 20 years. It's not a deli but an Italian market carrying all types of Italian food products. They do make subs but It's primarily an Italian grocery, which carries raw meats, including sausages, ground hamburg, roasts, veal cutlets, etc. plus a large variety of Italian cheeses, pastas, canned tomatoes, dried and canned beans, olive oils, etc.