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Sep 19, 2011 06:22 AM

Formal Dinner in Orlando???

I’m looking for a few suggestions on where to take my wife out for a more formal/nice dinner in Orlando. Somewhere that you wouldn't take kids or wear jeans??? We typically go to Norman's for this type of night out but I wanted to get your suggestions. Had looked into V&A out at Disney but we haven't had the best luck with Disney restaurants.

Help me out Chowhounders!

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  1. ummm u have to wear dinner attire at V&A ...they wont even let u in if you're in jeans and flip flops..
    afaik they barely even let kids in...they have to be over 10 iirc
    it is a 5 star place...and yes disney has some of those type places...

    i have had some very very good dinners at disney...
    my wife and i have also enjoyed Texas de Brazil....
    the flying fish...(disney)
    cafe tu tu tango has been mentioned on CH a lot...but i havent been yet...its on my list (idrive)

    are u looking for specific cuisine also?

    and if u search CH Yosemite Sam has at least 4 dining guides for the orlando/disney area..
    they would have some good ideas as well....
    like these..

    1. Enzo's is great, as well as Spice, Hue, Amura's, Antonio la Fiama's upstairs, and Le Coq au Vin to start, and if you feel adventurous I suggest Cafe 118 in Winter Park. Raw, vegan fare.

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      1. re: bonesplosion

        Appreciate the feedback. Hadn’t thought of Enzo’s!

        Guess I should give some more info on what I’m looking for. Price, location (as long as it’s in the Orlando area) and cuisine aren’t a factor. Just looking for other suggestions similar to Normans at the Ritz, Enzo’s, Luma etc. While we love Rav Pig, Tu Tu Tango, Funky Monkey and many other places around town I'm looking for something thats just a little more formal.

        We also just went to Napa in the Peabody hotel which was very good. Appreciate all the help!

        1. re: bnbbiz

          I was going to suggest Napa.

          I agree with you RP, Tu Tu Tango and Funky Monkey are not very formal although very good.

          I haven't been to Enzo's either but that sounds like a good idea.

          the other idea I had was The Bull and Bear at Waldorf - They have their menu online -

      2. Chatham's Place on Restaurant Row - great special occasion place, pretty formal and great great service. Small but well-edited menu with fantastic daily specials. Nothing to look at from the outside but really charming inside

        Another option is Chef's Table in Old Winter Garden - not quite as formal but a nice experience and the short drive there will make the whole experience seem more out-of-the-ordinary

        Chatham's Place Restaurant
        7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

        Chef's Table
        99 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

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        1. re: YosemiteSam

          Any other nice/formal places in Orlando that I'm just missing? Considering Chatham's Place and Enzo's...Oceans Prime, Oceanaire and Roys have also been suggested.

          Thanks for all the help!

          1. re: bnbbiz

            I find Oceanaire and Roy's all to be a little "corporate" - kind of like going to Ruth's Chris, Capital Grill or Morton's - not the best vibe for a special occasion IMO unless you like eating around business people and conventioneers

            Venetian Room is another good option, as is Primo. You might also consider Boheme downtown. Times like this make me miss Manuel's on the 28th and Maison et Jardin

        2. Capital Grille, The Venitian, Primo. Just a few more spots to consider.

          Capital Grille
          9101 International Dr Ste 1000, Orlando, FL 32819

          1. Christini's or Chatham's Place Christini's is sort of a hang out for the Isleworth crowd but they like it because it is private in atmosphere with no fans gawking. Both are in the Bay Hill area but away from the industrial restaurants on Sand Lake. (Morton's, Ruth's)

            We had Thanksgiving at Napa last year and found it elegant and excellent. I was looking for an elegant thanksgiving and not some pig out affair and they were spot on.

            Chatham's Place Restaurant
            7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819