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Sep 19, 2011 05:43 AM

Anyone try a Mexican Crema recipe before?

I was using this Rick Bayless crema recipe..

I tried once before but didnt have enough tme to let it develop so flavors were under developed.

I am going to try again and going to give it more time.. this time.

Any pointers or suggestions?

One thing i noticed was that the Tang was not the same as the bottled crema...

Didnt have the same flavor... Maybe just needs some acid?

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    1. re: lestblight

      I haven't even thought about making crema, but will give it a try - thanks for the link! Good luck with batch #2.

    2. Stirring buttermilk into cream is how crème fraîche is made at home (by me, anyway). I suspect your finished product will depend very much on the cream you use and what you stir into it--he gives you a choice of buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream, or even crème fraîche--and *then* he adds lime, cumin, etc.

      Not a very satisfying answer, I know, but a 2 ingredient recipe will depend a lot on the nature/quality of those 2 things. Both the cream and the culture will vary from what you'd find in Mexico, or even the next county/dairy over?

      Here's a link to my first adventure with making the stuff:

      Several opinions there.

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      1. re: blue room

        my second attempt was much better.. i used more buttermilk and i got a tangier cream.. also gave it more time to develop.

        My only issue was this.. I want it to be thicker .. i was adding chipolte to this and after folding and mixing just became very runny and soupy.

        I looked on the jar and saw that the bottled mexican cream has a few different gums in it to give it a thickness.

        My question is.. what kind of gums are suggested for cream? and how do i apply it? Just stir it in the cream before letting it sit? do i need to warm it before?

        Thank You so much!

        1. re: lestblight

          did some research and found locust bean gum/carob bean gum and gaur gum to be the main thickeners.

          any idea on how to incorporate? add it cold? how much per quart of fluid?


          1. re: lestblight

            lestblight, I've never used a thickener like that, but Bob's Red Mill sells guar gum, with instructions on how to use it on the back of the package -- here's a link--

            1. re: blue room

              thanks.. i have picked up some gaur gum and locust bean gum.. going to experiment in small doses to get the thickness i want


          2. re: lestblight

            What was your result? If using heat on your final sauce, it's my understanding those gums will make the sauce "break".