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Sep 19, 2011 02:29 AM

Measuring Tahini???

Hi, thanks in advance. How do you measure tahini? With a dry measuring cup or a liquid measuring cup?

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  1. I don't know, I go by taste.
    If I was measuring, I'd go with liquid.

    1. I've always used dry measures just because they are easier for me to gauge and easier for me to scrape off the top if I've accidently put too much in (same for me with things like mayo, peanut butter, etc).

      Honestly, I know there is a technical difference between these two but I can't imagine a tahini recipe where the slight differences would be all that noticeable. So I'd go with whatever is easier/more convenient for you.

      1. Recipes I have using tahini usually have the measurement in tablespoons (which I coat with a little oil to help it slide off)

        1. I'd measure tahini by weight rather than volume.

          1. I make sure it is mixed well (the "sludge" mixed well with the oil) and then I measure. I'm not sure what you mean by dry or wet cups -- ? A cup of peanut butter fills the same space as a cup of water, or flour.

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              Does it? I thought a wet measurement is less a dry measurement. For example, the water it takes to fill 1 dry cup is only about 3/4 of a liquid cup.

              1. re: Charlie Tokyo

                Not with my measuring cups. As long as you fill to the line on the liquid cup, they hold identical amounts. The difference is just for ease of use. The dry you fill to the top so you can scrape it to even, while the wet has a little room above the fill line so you don't slosh any out when you pick up the cup to add it.

                I find dry cups easier for things like PB and tahini. It's easier to scrape off the top than aim for the line.