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Sep 18, 2011 08:21 PM

Road trip from Chicago to Grant, Ne

Heading to Nebraska to visit the girlfriends grandparents and we decided to drive. I think we will be stopping around Des Moines and then again around Lincoln. I am a chef so I want to stop and get some good food on the way. I don't want a fine dining experience - i want some suggestions as to what is the local food and beers. Things that is special to the area. Also if anyone knows of some places or breweries to stop and check out on the way that would be great too.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Are you wanting recommendations for Lincoln itself? Lazlo's/Empyrean Brewery is a good spot for steaks (a very Nebraska thing!) and local craft beers. They have a great tasting flight of beers made on-site and the steak is terrific.

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      Yah I think we are going to stop there for some food around breakfast time. That would be a good thing to check out on the trip back. Any suggestions for some early morning breakfast in Lincoln?

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        Bread & Cup, in the Haymarket district - all locally sourced food, simply prepared. I've only eaten there once (for dinner) but it was great and I've heard solid reviews from others. I'm going to have breakfast there on Thursday - will report back! In the meantime here's the website:

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          My dinner at Bread & Cup last night was far from stellar. The appetizer (Ploughman's Platter) was great with wonderful salami, as was the garlic green bean side. But for a main I had the flank steak. I ordered it rare. It came at best medium and was luke warm. I am confident it had been cooked long before in the day.

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              It's in Lincoln. I'm really sorry to hear about the flank steak because I was hoping Bread & Cup would be our new go-to place (we just moved here recently). I'm still hopeful about breakfast later this week...

              1. re: Kitchen Imp

                Agreed on hoping it was an aberration. I like the concept and principles of Bread and Cup.

    2. Des Moines

      Court Avenue Brew Pub - local food and beer. both pretty good.

      El Bait Shop - lots of local beers on tap plus many others. food ok.

      High Life Lounge - connected to el bait, terrific broasted chicken.

      High Life Lounge
      200 SW 2nd St, Des Moines, IA 50309

      El Bait Shop
      200 SW 2nd St, Des Moines, IA 50309