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Sep 18, 2011 07:38 PM

Kompeito Japanese candy from Spirited Away?

Anyone know where a person could find the kompeito/konpeito candy from the Japanese anime movie Spirited Away? Apparently it's still authentically hand-made to this day, as it's the only way to make the candy. Something about a molecular process....
It's the candy that's fed to the little soot balls in the boiler room of the bathhouse. Small colourful sugary star-shaped candies.
I would love to get my hands on some of this! Surprised I haven't found any info on this site actually... but hopefully this thread will spark some conversation.

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    1. Jill,
      Nice picture you have of Kompeito, but don't expect it to taste very good. It's basically just like rock candy and crunches like busted glass. However, if there are other reasons why you want it, then you are certain to be satisfied.

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      1. re: Tripeler

        I agree - if you are expecting miniature versions of the Willie Wonka everlasting gobstoppers from the original movie you'll be extremely disappointed. Tripeler has described them perfectly.
        I've brought them back for Spanish family members as they are pretty and the name (which can also be legitimately spelled as konpeito) means "with a little fart" - it's the sort of base humour we can't help but appreciate. The actual taste is... meh.

        1. re: MoGa

          Where did you hear that? The word just comes from Portuguese, like so many other Japanese loan words.

          1. re: phrekyos

            ??? not sure what you mean by "where did you hear that?"
            The fact that konpeito in Japanese is exactly the same as "con peito" in Spanish is just one of life's coincidences.
            Confeitaria in Portuguese, Confitería in Spanish and the English word confectionery all have exactly the same roots as konpeito, however, only the last one gives amusement to Spanish speakers.

      2. Not that hard to find if there are any Japanese/Korean/ Chinese markets with large snack/candy sections. Agree with Tripeler, though, that it's just sweet without much flavor and should be called "dentists' friend" for its rock-like consistency. Hard to imagine but it has less flavor than Botan Rice Candy.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Hey, by comparison, Botan Rice Candy is delicious!
          Or, made by the same company, the Hyo-Roku-Mochi is very interesting and superb.
          Put it this way, if Halloween was widespread in Japan, the Kompeito would be the last thing left over in everyone's candy bag.

        2. Damn and i just placed an order of it with :P (along with some crazy flavoured Japanese chips and genmaicha)
          I was thinking about finding an excuse to make a "soot ball cake" that looks like those little soot sprites from Spirited Away, and decorating it with the candies. Both the sprites and the candies are so cute!
          ...Anyone want to come over for a cake party?