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Sep 18, 2011 06:46 PM

Bagels and Other

I am moving to Houston in 3 weeks for a new job. Where can this "ex New Yorker" get really good bagels in my new city?

I guess I would ask the same question about sour pickles!

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  1. Try Kenny and Ziggy's

    I'm not a fan and I think their prices are outrageous but most other people seem to love it.

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        The NY Bagel shop on Hillcroft will definitely make you feel at home, complete with waitresses with attitude. Their challah is fab. K&Z is ok, but I prefer Katz's on Westheimer - and they're open 24 hours, just like NYC! Stick with us here, TrickySam -- we'll give you the real deal. Welcome to Houston.

      2. Head to;
        NY Bagels on Hilcroft (owner is from Detroit I believe, serving a large Jewish population in the Meyerland area.

        Hot Bagel Shop on Shepherd-This dingy shop does a boatload of morning business

        Kenny and Ziggy an authentic NY Deli in Houston! Stopped by to pick up a black & white on Sunday but shoulda had a pastrami sandwich.. Featured on Diners Drive-in's and Dives, w/e's are packed! This is a taste from home bro!

        Take a trip to Austin for the best bagels outside of NY/NJ and visit Wholly Bagel.. The owner is from North Jersey and he's got it down..

        When your ready for a slice, head to Romano's where Frank and Vinnie serve up a little Queens on a white paper plate!

        Welcome to Texas and Houston.. .

        1. Both NY Bagel and Hot Bagel have salted bagels, both are better than many lousy bagels I had in Brooklyn or Midtown for that matter. You will not be disappointed. As for the pickles sadly the delis around here will disappoint. I have gotten some decent polish pickles out in a grocery store called Phoenicia on far west side of town. Also there is a grocery store in Meyerland called Beldens that carries quite a few NY items such as all the flavors of Dr. Brown for example. Most grocery stores carry Boar's Head products and Nathans hot dogs are also plentiful. I have noticed the Entenmann's crumb cakes too but not as often any more. You will have to let us know when you find a decent pickle!

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            The Deli which is associated with the Restaurant Polonia has good pickles. They have moved and i do not have an address, but a call to Polonia should help

            1. re: ryback

              It's now a block south of the restaurant and yes, they have pickles....

              ...lots and lots and LOTS of pickles.