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Sep 18, 2011 05:29 PM

Apiary selling honey in MD?

I got some wonderful blueberry honey at the MD Sheep & Wool festival that is really good in my homemade bread. Do any of you know of apiaries (not sure I'm spelling that correctly) in MD who will sell honey? I can't seem to get to any farmer's markets these days so looking for another source.

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  1. Try "The Bee Folks" in Mount Airy, Maryland


    They have a very nice variety of honey products.

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      From their website, it might well have been "The Bee Folks" who I got the honey from this spring. Thank you!!

    2. Try Mr. B's


      I have received his honey from our CSA.

      1. http://southmountaincreamery.com/summ...

        South Mountain Creamery carries products from Lord Byrons Bee Farms from Thurmont.

        The wife picked up some bee pollen on our last visit to SMC and is digging it.

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          I just started getting delivery from them, but I missed the honey on their website. Thanks for the head's up, laststandchili!!