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Sep 18, 2011 05:29 PM

Apiary selling honey in MD?

I got some wonderful blueberry honey at the MD Sheep & Wool festival that is really good in my homemade bread. Do any of you know of apiaries (not sure I'm spelling that correctly) in MD who will sell honey? I can't seem to get to any farmer's markets these days so looking for another source.

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  1. Try "The Bee Folks" in Mount Airy, Maryland

    They have a very nice variety of honey products.

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    1. re: MDBBQFiend

      From their website, it might well have been "The Bee Folks" who I got the honey from this spring. Thank you!!

    2. Try Mr. B's

      I have received his honey from our CSA.


        South Mountain Creamery carries products from Lord Byrons Bee Farms from Thurmont.

        The wife picked up some bee pollen on our last visit to SMC and is digging it.

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        1. re: laststandchili

          I just started getting delivery from them, but I missed the honey on their website. Thanks for the head's up, laststandchili!!