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Sep 18, 2011 04:43 PM

Cholov Yisroel Raw Milk?

Anyone know where I could find Cholov Yisroel Raw Milk in or around NYC?

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  1. To answer your real question: I don't know of any.

    To add:

    This reminds of the "raw, vegan, organic, kosher, gluten-free, no sulfites added red wine vinegar"

    How easy is it to obtain regular raw milk around here?

    1. I don't know of anyone that "officially" sells it, and to echo Vallevin, obtaining raw milk is difficult enough in general that I doubt you will find anyone with a standard distribution network. But if you want to get creative, my first suggestion would be to call Adamah. They're a Jewish farm in CT and they have a small goat herd that they use to make Cheese. If you call them up, maybe you could purchase some of the goat milk before they use it for Cheese?

      1. I saw an ad in Torah Times back in May or June for raw chalav yisroel. I believe the company was called Schmeel's MIlk or something like that.

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          Zeesie do you know any more about it? I googled Schmeel's and there is an article written about them but no other web presence. I'd love to try to switch to raw milk and am excited to try it. If you come across the ad again, can you post some info?

          EDIT: I just found this website that has a picture of the ad with phone number. Thanks Zeesie!

            1. re: vallevin

              The blog was just posted with a little more details about it, but it sounds like the distribution is still very quiet.


            2. re: Esty

              There is a reason for the preponderance of pasteurized milk on the market, and it isn't because it will spoil more rapidly. It is because of pathogens. And it is not only being pushed by USDA and health related entities, but also is being championed by those paying out for liability claims. Cheese, at least, can be cured and aged to the point of 0 pathenogensis. Raw fluid milk, on the other hand, makes little sense.

              1. re: ganeden

                Well said, Gan Eden. Raw milk can transmit serious diseases, like tuberculosis. Rare, but why take this kind of risk with your child's life?