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Sep 18, 2011 04:32 PM

Candy Corn infused vodka

Anybody have any good ideas for batch recipes? Someone has asked me for help coming up with ideas for a party with this.

I was thinking Trader Vic's Mai Tais, but with the candy corn vodka instead of curacao. Is that a terrible idea?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Try a sample in a jar with a couple shots of vodka and a few canndy corn and see. I suspect the flavors might be pretty bound up in the wax. It is also possible that the alcohol will disolve the candy into an unattractive sludge. Better to try s micro batch. If it works, move on from there. I would be tempted to just use vanilla vodka myself and garnish with the corn.

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          Filtering it through a coffee filter should take care of the sludge. And if you mean sludge, it is generally gelatin that is the binder in candy corn and it hasn't been too big of a problem with people doing other gelatin-based infusions (such as Skittles).

          For a ratio, I would go with 8 oz of candy corn to a bottle of booze. Since there's plenty of sugar and gelatin and other things to smooth out rough flavors, use a decent but cheap spirit like Svedka. For a use, I would go with something simple otherwise the flavors would be lost -- like a highball with soda water or shaken with ice in a not-a-Martini-but-often-called-one sort of way.

        2. My wife was just invited to a party where they are serving Candy Corn Martinis ... Where is this "idea" coming from at present? Just curious ....

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            Maybe take the basic ingredients from this recipe and make a simple syrup to blend with the vodka in a shaker and just make a candy corn martini?