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Sep 18, 2011 04:29 PM

Mac & Cheese Take-out Downtown? Ideally in the Financial District?

Help please fellow hounds!!

Friends are coming for dinner tomorrow and have just advised they'll be bringing their teenage son . . . a notoriously picky eater who undoubtedly won't want what's on my menu.

I know he loves mac & cheese and thought I could pick up some take-out at lunch time tomorrow so if he doesn't want what I'm making, at least he'll have something.

Is there a decent take-out Mac & Cheese? Ideally in the Financial District.

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  1. The Gabardine does a decent mac and cheese. Right in the FD.

    1. Reds has a really good mac and cheese. I'm sure if you call ahead they can prepare it for you.

      1. On a cheaper/more basic level, there's a lunch counter on the second floor of First Canadian Place that has mac n cheese. Not sure if it's every day or a special. I think they are called Maxim's. Some chowhound like them for basic food dome well, homemade soups etc - ie/ nothing fancy but a rarity on the PATH.

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          Yep called Maxim. The Mac and cheese is solid if not particularly spectacular.

          probably just what you want for a picky eater.

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          1. Luma also has a really nice mac & cheese. The place does do takeout I just don't know what the items available for takeout are.

            Gabardine has nice mac & cheese too.

            330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA

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              Keep in mind both are $15 mac & cheese. Don't know if I'd spend that much on a picky teen. Order a pizza :}

              1. re: iMarilyn

                Where can you get a decent pizza delivered for $15? No where I know of unless you count pizza pizza or somethin equally terrible.... I second the mac 'n cheese at O&B Canteet (under luma and basically the same) and the Gabardine.

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                  Pizza Pizza was exactly what I was suggesting. Note the smile-y thing.

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                    I don't think even my four year old nephew would eat pizza pizza. Ick. :-)

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                    Oops, I meant Canteen not Luma (never been to Luma yet.)

                    330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA