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Sep 18, 2011 04:01 PM

Portland Sushi Update 2011

Researching my upcoming trip and am very sad to discover that Hiroshi's has closed...and this leads me to a few questions:

1. Where is the best sushi spot? Are the standard recs still Bamboo, Murata, & Masu??

-- I realize there are many styles of sushi. I prefer traditional as well as a more modern flair like Hiroshi offered BUT what I do NOT want is a place that specializes in big rolls with mayo, siracha and dragon sauce over everything

2. Does Hiro-san still serve sushi at the ramen joint- Mirakutei?

2b. any one know if he still makes the the matsutake soup when they are in season?

Thanks again,

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  1. Yes, Hiroshi is in charge of sushi @ Mirakutei..I went soon after it opened and the sushi was lovely.
    My favorite sushi is Kurata in Lake Oswego...a bit off the beaten path.
    you may get more answers on

    450 5th St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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      I think you have hit all of the best spots there with Murata, Bamboo, Mirakutei (which I have not been to yet) and Kurata (which is my fave as well, but because of its location I go to Bamboo more frequently).

      Of those best sake list is at Bamboo, IMO.

      I have not been to Masu downtown...

      450 5th St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

    2. I was also sad about the closing of Hiroshi, but Hiro is at his new restaurant, Mirakutei every night which is great news. I ordered the Chef's Omakase at the sushi bar, and it's out of this world! The quality of sushi is on the same level as Hiroshi. He serves some of the same traditional sushi/rolls he had at Hiroshi. Mirakutei is my favorite Japanese place. You basically have Hiroshi sushi with mouth watering Japanese small plates in one place. Also, the ramen is one of the best I've had. Perfect proportions and the broth is to die for. I know that matsutake soup you are talking about! I would call them when you make a reservation and ask them if they have it. Hope this helps!