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Sep 18, 2011 12:02 PM

Herring in Southwestern CT (Fairfield or New Haven County)???

Is there any place like Rein's Deli in Vernon that makes Herring in Wine or Cream Sauce down here in the Southwestern area of CT??? Jewish delis that make it themselves for take-out? Preferably Fairfield to New Haven??

Rein's Deli
25 Park Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

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  1. Westville Kosher Market (Exit 59 off the Wilbur Cross, next to Amity Wine and Sam Ash) makes a very nice herring - they do it in both wine and cream, and both are fresh and excellent.

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    1. re: harrie

      My sister picked up creamed and wine sauced herring. It was decent, but not as large and creamy as Reins, but a decent substitution in a pinch, and a lot less far to travel. Thanks for the reco.

      1. re: cheereeo

        Glad it worked for you, even if it didn't thrill. Guess I'll have to get up to Rein's some day so I can compare the two.

    2. Gold's Deli in Westport. Used to be very good, but I haven't gotten it in a while.

      1. Fairway has great herring if Stamford isn't too far south for you