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Sep 18, 2011 11:03 AM

Peach Jam almost caramel - cooked too long?

I think I really over cooked my fruit syrup way too long, but it tastes great. It was actually 'stringy/sticky' when I put it into the jar.

I should have know from the beginning that it was doomed. I modified the Peach Jam with Earl Grey Tea recipe. First, I didn't have enough peaches, as 2 of them were so over ripe I couldn't use them. Next I added one apple to make up in weight for the peaches. Then I did have Loose tea, so I opened tea bags. That looked like pepper instead of tea leaves! I had to strain it to try to remove the little bits of tea, and had to cook it longer to soften the apple. I ended up with a wonderful tasting goo.

I was hoping I might be able to change it into peachy caramels, using the "jam" as the corn syrup portion and adding cream and butter...

How would I do this, how much of each. I have one 8 oz jar, which I may never even get out of the jar if it has "set up" like super glue.

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  1. i would stop where you are and use the stuff on toast or over ice cream. whatever you have isn't going to act like corn syrup and incorporating cream might not really be possible because of all the pectin.

    so it's not "jam" in the traditional sense. you say it tastes great? so, well done!

    btw, i always think of overly ripe fruit as perfect for this sort of thing where its integrity isn't under visual inspection.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      The 2 peachs I pitched didn't taste good either. I bought what I thought were peachs just soft enough to be used within a few days. It didn't help that the bag boy put a bag of canned good on the top and smashed them. Needless to say, the peach jam was doomed from the start!

      1. re: chocolatejam

        ok, bad flavor, i get. but if the stuff tastes delish, why are you beating yourself up? call it peach confit!

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          As I was tasting the spoons and equipment during clean up I wasn't at all disappointed except that I didn't have the jam I started with! It was going to be a gift for sil who loves Earl Grey tea!

          I wish I had some French vanilla ice cream right now.

          I'll try it again this coming week.