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Sep 18, 2011 10:52 AM

What Meals to Freezing In Advance of Getting Sick

Not a great title....but I get sick every winter for several weeks. Nothing medically to do about this, but I try to prepare by freezing meals in advance. I always make a vat of chicken soup and brisket.

Just wondering if you have dishes that freeze really well and always keep in the freezer. Thank you!

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  1. Ah yes. I have a few ideas:

    quiche, mini if your appetite decreases during these weeks
    spanikopita, again, frozen in individual servings if it is just you
    chicken stew, love Ina Garten's recipe with or without pastry
    meatballs and/or meatloaf, also freeze some marinara sauce
    braised meats like stews, pot roast
    beans, already cooked with some veggies, herbs and even a bit of pork
    second the chicken stock, both Western and Asian

    to add some vegetables to this mix, roast a tray of hardy winter vegetables once a week and reheat as needed. keep some frozen pearl onions, peas and string beans and throw them into the braises as they reheat.

    Just a few thoughts.

    p.s. Look for the thread "ChemoHounding" for a bunch more ideas. I think it is on the General board.

    1. I have good luck with rice casseroles and other rice mixtures such as stuffing for stuffed veg. I always make up individual servings of my favorite casseroles for meeting nights when I eat alone at 10pm. Mac and cheese also freezes well.

      1. Lasagna freezes well, as does chili, also most heartier winter soups (i.e. lentil).

        1. pretty much all leftovers freeze well unless you are doing carbonara. I'd just make an extra serving of meals as you go along this fall and freeze it.

          1. I would get a food saver and freeze individual meal size bags of the following.
            pasta sauce
            Swiss Steak
            Rice Pilafs a few different kinds. You can do them like boiling bags or heat them in the microwave
            Freeze stir fry meats in their marinade and freeze.
            chopped veggies for any kind of cooking saves a lot of time.
            pulled pork
            Definitely have a lot of soups. It's quick and comforting.
            Finally keep some eggs in the fridge and baking potatoes in the pantry. You can always throw an egg in a pan or potato in the oven. Keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge too.

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              I had avoided freezing rice and pasta dishes. I just assumed they would have a mushy consistency. Thanks for telling me. Good idea about freezing leftovers.