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Sep 18, 2011 10:17 AM

Cooking Class?

Every cooking class I have found is too pricey, too short, or both!

Looking for a cooking class/demonstration for two people (preferably sushi, preferably in OC . . . but we're flexible on both). When I lived on the East Coast, there were a few well-known restaurants that offered cooking classes/demonstrations after hours.

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  1. What do you consider to be too expensive (or, what's the maximum per person you're willing to spend)? How long of a class did you want it to be?

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      Less than $100; Greater than 2hrs. Also, something where the instructor is very involved with the process and does not merely supervise you as you do a recipe on your own.

    2. California Sushi Academy in West LA offers a one day basic sushi course for $80 per person. All you need to bring is a sharp knife. Not in OC, but I've taken the class and its definitely worth the trip since you learn all the basic techniques and tricks for sushi prep.

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