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Sep 18, 2011 08:45 AM

Any good eats Albion to Alma/Mount Pleasant to Allendale and back to Albion--or inside that "triangle"?

Yes, that will be my triangle of travel, which will be on weekdays. Any suggestions of any interesting (hole-in-the-wall and up, totally omnivorous) places to eat in any of the specifically mentioned towns, or within the triangle that's an easy drive?

(Note: my timing will probably not allow a meal right in Lansing, so no need for information in that area unless there's a quick-and-easy bite while I'm driving through.)

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  1. In addition to Lansing, there are lots of good places to eat in Grand Rapids, which you'll be going through on the Allendale end of the triangle. You can find GR recommendations in these discussions:

    For the leg between Allendale and Albion, you'll probably pass by Kalamazoo. For recs there, see:

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      Thanks, nsxtasy. I had checked those pages earlier, and appreciate the reminder. But also hoping for some recommendations in the specific towns I mentioned, or elsewhere outside of GR and Kalamazoo.

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        Perhaps someone can recommend something, but keep in mind, they are very small towns, and there isn't much else along those routes aside from those two cities (and Battle Creek).

    2. We had a business lunch last year in Mt. Pleasant and chose the Brass Cafe. I was impressed with the diversity of the menu for this area. Comfortable atmosphere and service & food were both very good. Several 'omnivorous' options.

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        Haha, oops, I was reading 'omnivore' and thinking 'herbivore', Duh. Yes, there are several omnivorous options! :)

      2. The only place in Mt. Pleasant that I would really endorse closed a few years ago. Man, I do miss H & R Pizza. They were very generous with the jalapenos. There has been about three different places in that spot the last five years.
        The Cabin is a little hole in the wall bar that I understand serves very good pizza. It's on Broomfield a little West of Mission.
        Mt. Pleasant is a college town, and there's not really anything that stands out. Jon's Drive In is ok for what it is. Taco Boy would be perfect cheap mexican if they did more than just mirror Taco Bell's menu.
        The one place I have not tried is Mountain Town Station, on the northern part of town, which is owned by the former mayor of town. From the website it has a decent-sized menu with good beer and wine selctions for the area.

        H & R Pizza
        304 W Broomfield St, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

        Jon's Drive In
        1030 S Mission St, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

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        1. re: Fibber McGee

          Does that mean you do not endorse the Brass Cafe, Fibber? Is this establishment of the 'hit or miss' variety and they just happend to hit that day?

          1. re: tokyo

            Oh, no, tokyo. I've never had the food there, so I didn't feel it fair to comment. I do know a few others who share your sentiments. I only suggested Mountain Town because I knew they had a large menu and have a fine beer and wine selection (for the area, at least.) While I have been to the Brass, it was not one of my regular drinking establishments while I was a student at CMU.

          2. re: Fibber McGee

            mountain town is decent. it will not blow you away, but it is good. and their beer is pretty good, too.

            cabin is good for pizza, breadsticks, and sandwiches - my crew spends a lot of time there every homecoming.

            o'kelly's is no more than bar food, but it is a great sports bar.

            i miss the h&r mr. toby and danny boy subs. r.i.p.

            1. re: xman887

              just back from my annual trip to mt. pleasant for cmu homecoming. since my two plus day stay was filled with huge volumes of cheap beer with a dozen or so life long friends, i only have a few chowish things to share:

              real mexican food - los palominos in a strip mall on m-20, halfway between misson and the casino. very good food. some of my friends went the fajita and quesadilla route. i went a la carte with a tamale, a carne asada taco, and a carnitas taco. all three were very good. plus a couple of negro modellas to boot. cannot wait to go back.

              o'kellys - i had a very good spicy bloody mary to kick off the day on saturday. difficult to tell how it stands up to a blackstone bloody mary because those are always consumed between 12:30am and 2:00am (a totally different experience).

              the grotto - same place where h&r was located. and they have the danny boy and mr. toby on the menu. i did not make it there but three of my friends did and they said that the danny boy was pretty close to the h&r version.

              mountaintown brewery - the oktoberfest beer was good (but by friday afternoon, it was done for the season) as was the stout.

              and this note from their website (it s not open yet but it looks like they are close):

              Mountain Town Station - EXPANDING!!!

              Mountain Town Station Brewing Company and Steakhouse is happy to announce our latest venture. Beginning Monday May 9th we will be breaking ground on a new addition. The new modern restaurant venue will feature an upscale menu focusing on regional and seasonal flavors as well as featuring the finest wines served in central Michigan. We hope to make this space a destination for not just Mt. Pleasant residents but food lovers across the state. This dream has been made possible with the continuing support of our community. We hope that you will continue to support us through this build-excusing our dust, and anticipating the next step in our adventure. We hope to open the doors September 2011.

              Thanks again,

              Jim Holton, Owner Mountain Town Station

              1. re: xman887

                Thanks for the updates, xman. If anyone could pull that off in the area, it's Jim.

                1. re: xman887

                  >> We hope to open the doors September 2011.

                  Is the expansion open yet?

                  Good luck with it...

            2. As you've probably discovered already Cascarelli's is pretty much a student dive. (and unfortunately as good as you're likely to get in Albion.) When I went to school there, the 'dinner with the parents in town' spot was Schuler's in Marshall, though reports are they've slipped over the years.

              1. Hmm...I'm getting a feeling I'll be eating less in the small towns, and instead driving a bit for food.

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                1. re: dimsumfan

                  Chowhound just may not be the right venue for your search. xman and I are the only ones I have ever seen who have commented on Mt. Pleasant here, for instance until tokyo mentioned the Brass Cafe.
                  Yu just may find some gems we simply don't know about here.

                  1. re: Fibber McGee

                    Got it. I appreciate the help so far, and will report back if I find any treasures.