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Sep 18, 2011 07:58 AM

posto in Cambridge

what is the deal? Nadeau gave it a 4 star review.

I was planning on going soon, but i saw some negative feed-back on this board. What do people think? I plan on going to Coppa but waiting expectantly as Coppa is good but noisy for someone as crotchety as I am.

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. Coppa is so much better than Posto. I wouldn't even put them in the same league. The pizza at Posto is fine, but it's pretty expensive for what it is. That being said, I've had quiet leisurely meals at Coppa in the early afternoon. They stay open in the hours between lunch and dinner. The times that I have arrived there around 2:30PM I've had the place almost to myself. I can take my time, sit at the bar, drink a glass of wine and enjoy some great food. Depending on your daily schedule, that may be an option for a late lunch on a weekday. I don't see myself as crotchety, but I don't like dining noisy establishments either.

    253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

    1. It isn't Coppa (for one thing, Posto does not have nearly the skill with offal and cured meats that Coppa has), but Posto is certainly worth a visit in my opinion. A lot of Nadeau's review rings true to me, especially the praise for the house-made pasta, which I think is even better than the pizza. Posto isn't a must-visit destination restaurant, for sure, but it is one of my favorite places in Davis Square and a very good to excellent neighborhood place.

      I do think Posto has struggled for consistency in the FOH - I've been going semi-regularly since they opened (I live close by), and there has been a lot of turnover in FOH staff. The space can also get pretty loud, although it isn't as tightly packed as Coppa so even when full it feels like you have a bit more space. They've also struggled for some consistency and skill in the beverage program - the wine list is extensive and the beer list decent, but the cocktail program is definitely an afterthought and it isn't clear any of the bar staff really has the skill to execute it properly.

      BTW, Posto is in Somerville, not Cambridge.

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        Greenzebra did a better job than I would of saying everything I'd say, so there you go. Despite their inconsistency and slightly-too-pricey pizzas, I'm still a fan of Posto. Their apps are quite good most of the time and their wines are excellent. Their pig roasts are epic and well worth bringing a group for. I've been very disappointed by their bar staff lately (really, you don't know how to make a gimlet? Gin? Lime juice? Lordy...) but it's a restaurant worth visiting, for sure.

      2. I don't really think that Posto and Coppa are in the same league either, and I don't even mean that in a bad way, really - I like Posto quite well as a pizza place.

        While I haven't been there in a little while and another recent report seems to have a very different experience, I found Posto's pizza to far outshine that at Coppa in terms of the crust and structure, though Coppa's are much more interesting in terms of topping quality and originality. I am of the school that the (charred, crisp, chewy, not too crackery or crunchy) crust is by far the most important part of a pizza, and I enjoy the classics, so I prefer the pizza at Posto.

        Other than pizza, however, I didn't find that Posto would hold a candle to Coppa. Their various meats, small plates, salads, pastas, and beverages are all excellent. I've also had somewhat cold service at Posto, and excellent service at Coppa.

        253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

        1. I wrote recently that I was very disappointed by Posto's pizza. The crust on the pie we got had absolutely no crispness to it whatsoever, despite otherwise appearing to be fully cooked, with the requisite charred bits here and there. It was so soft as to seem tainted by dough conditioners. The whole place just seemed inauthentic to me, notwithstanding their claims of having a Neapolitan seal of approval. Of course, I didn't try any of their pastas, and I'm certainly curious about the pig roast.

          1. I agree with greenzebra, Posto is an excellent neighborhood place. The pizzas are excellent. One of my favorites is one of the simplest: the marinara with San Marzano tomatoes, cheese, and fresh garlic slices. You really have an opportunity to appreciate the crust, which is chewy and slightly charred (and reminds me of the pizza I had growing up in NY), and the fresh, light, and tangy sauce.

            The pasta is also wonderful. The gnocchi with short rib is a divine, rib-sticking meal. During the summer, the bean salad was terrific, different every time depending upon what fresh produce they had.

            And it is is worthwhile gathering together friends for a pig roast. It's a bit of theater when they bring him out, but the pig is indeed wonderfully cooked. Ours had a fig and sausage stuffing. And all that crackling...