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Sep 18, 2011 04:50 AM

The Wine Bar (Saratoga Springs) - anyone been recently?

One of my favorite restaurants is The Wine Bar. SO went recently and said the menu has changed and had limited choices. I wanted to go recently and he said not with their current menu . . .

Looks like they have a new chef (Chef Dominic Colose):

Has anyone been recently?

PS Some of my favorite meals at The Wine Bar are posted on this thread (long):

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  1. The Wine Bar is terrific, as is Chef Dominic. He just introduced his fall menu which I have not yet tried but his summer menu was great. Small portions though, so order accordingly.

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    1. re: gerchak198

      Thanks, gerchak198. What did you have?

      I think they went a week or two ago . . .

      Is this the fall menu:

      This menu was on the TU blog on 9/16:

      Anyone else been recently?

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        The first menu is quite old; the menu from the T-U blog is the new one. I haven't ordered from the new one yet. I had turkey kofta, seared scallops, salad.

        1. re: gerchak198

          Thanks, gerchak198. Sounds good. Just like SO likes Sperry's better than I do, I like The Wine Bar more than he does. Might have to check it out on my own :)

    2. I tried to convince SO to go over the weekend. He declined. He wasn't happy with the menu choices when he went in September.

      If this is the new menu it's not very appealing:

      Has anyone been recently?

      1. The Wine Bar was one of my favorite restaurants. I still have not been since Chef Colose started.

        I took a look at the earth, land, sea, dessert menu online. Is this the current menu? A few dishes look appealing:

        *scallops with foie gras-porcini porcini, asparagus
        *quail pheasant sausage, polenta, swiss chard
        * almond creme caramel with sour cherries

        Is the food still surprising and exciting? Anyone been recently? Your thoughts?


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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Yes, the food is still great. I especially love his homemade pasta dishes. Full disclosure: I am an acquaintance of Mr. Colose.

        2. Anyone been recently?

          Not much recent on this Board or Yelp:

          Might be better for a nosh/light supper: