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Sep 18, 2011 04:49 AM

Excellent Mole Poblano @ Casa Morita, Brixton Market, London

Newly opened Mexican place in Brixton Market. Serious cooking. More later.

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  1. The stately mole/sauce is truly multifaceted yet balanced and integrated -- nutty, aromatic, spicy, smoky, sweet, bitter; from sesame seeds, varieties of chilli, fruits, chocolate, spices, coming together brilliantly. This is an extremely time- and labour-intensive sauce to make (their chalk board menu, which calls it by its other name -- mole rojo -- says >30 ingredients involved). From my table I saw them roasting chilli peppers on the stove and blending various spices in the open kitchen -- looks like a serious labour of love -- more importantly the majestic taste of the sauce speaks for itself. The chicken under the sauce is ok, appropriately tender and the flesh slipping easily from the bones (eat slowly -- there are occasional small loose pieces of bone). Comes with rice that is lightly oiled and dotted with corn, great for mopping up the last drop of sauce.

    Chorizo taco is also good even if a bit overshadowed by the mole. Small chopped pieces of chorizo (~ size of a barley grain), topped with guacamole (could be more spicy in the cumin kind of way) and chopped coriander. The chorizo is is aglow with an orangey oil, very savoury, a good bit of spicy kick, a tiny backdrop of sour, enliven by a squeeze of lime.

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    1. re: limster

      Sounds great. When did they open? Was there 2 Saturdays ago.

      1. re: cathodetube

        I think they opened this last Saturday - Sep 17. Would be great to hear more -- new places tend to vary quite a bit.

    2. Hmmmm...... A native of southern California, which has a rich Mexican population and tons of excellent Mexican Restaurants (as well as formerly being married to a Mexican), I was excited to hear the news about Casa Morita opening – finally, a chance to eat some authentic Mexican food. So, I stopped by this week to try it out. Although the menu was limited, ‘Tacos and Chilli Rellenos’ I expect it will grow over time. However, I was somewhat disappointed  - I tried three variations of Tacos (Moli, Pork and Veg) and one Quesadilla – the usual tasty bits that make up a good taco were missing and the salsas on the table didn’t really represent the types of salsas you get in authentic Mexican restaurants. The biggest surprise, however, was the cost of the Chilli Relleno platter - £12 with cheese or £13 with meat. This is very expensive considering what it is and Casa Morita may find that it is out-pricing itself. Having said all of the above, I do believe it will improve overtime as well as getting its pricing right. Good luck.

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      1. re: Kgirl01

        Sounds extremely expensive. Can't imagine that they would be likely to drop their prices though. What tasty bits were missing?

        1. re: cathodetube

          salad items, guacomole (although you could buy a pot separately) the salsa verde for the pork tacos was bland. If you consider the environment too, essentially a market unit, it's not a £12 a dish kinda of place - I think the tacos were worth about £150 each and the chilli relleno shouldn't cost more than £6 at the very most

          1. re: cathodetube

            At some of the taquerias in California I've been to, it's not unusual to get a few different sauces/salsas, as well as chopped coriander, onion, pickled chilli, lime wedges. But some of the sauces are regional or best matched to certain types of filling.

            1. re: limster

              Buen Provecho has some lovely salsas to add to his tacos. He usually has 4 different types including guacamole.

              1. re: cathodetube

                Oh yes - that's the other place I need to go.

          2. re: Kgirl01

            Cool - thanks for chiming in -- haven't had a chance to try the other tacos. Had a mole taco and found it quite good - a thin coat of complex sauce over shredded chicken. How did you like the flavour? But agree that some extra condiments -- chopped cilantro/coriander etc - wouldn't hurt; iirc there was only a reddish sauce in jars on the each table.

            Which of the quesadillas did you try? Had one with chorizo and potato that I quite liked, but rolled up only on one tortilla. Was wondering if they would make pamboso, which a CH friend suggested asking about, since the owners are from Mexico City.

            Incidentally, have you tried Boho Mexico near Spitalfields? Was wondering about the place; haven't had a chance to eat there yet.

            1. re: Kgirl01

              Are they using poblanos for the chillis rellenos? If so I would imagine they're relatively expensive in the UK, as they are imported and not very common.

              Have been on holiday so haven't checked out Casa Morita yet. Hope to visit over the next few days.

              1. re: Kgirl01

                We tried the chorizo and mole chicken tacos. The mole was very nice. However I don't think £6 for 3 tacos of that size is reasonable. Especially when you can get much better helpings of great quality tacos at El Panzon just up the road at Hootananny. I would need to spend at least £12 to be satisfied from just eating tacos at Casa Morita. I would either drop the price of the tacos, or bulk them up to make them worth it. I agree the mains appear rather pricey too. They have to be very sure of themselves that people would prefer paying £12 for a Mole at Casa Morita, when they can get it for £14 at Mestizo for instance (a much bigger renowed restaurant near Warrent Street)

                1. re: gualessa

                  Haven't been to Mestizo, and would love to hear more about it -- how's the mole there? what are their better dishes? There's been some mention in the past e.g.: but more up-to-date info would be great!

                  1. re: limster

                    Mestizo is fantastic- they do an all you can eat brunch on Sundays for £20 a head. That includes a taco stand for freshly made tacos, a selection of mains & starters, desserts, juices... and we normally get a beer with it as well if i'm not mistaken! It's a good way to try a sample of their menu.

                    They do events surrounding Mexican Holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day (Mid Sept), and Dia de los Muertos coming up 1/2 of November. I recommend paying them a visit then..

                    From the a la carte menu, tha taco platter to share is good- you are definitely satisfied at the end (but i guess you should be at £14 each). Molcajete is great- i had the mixed meat one which they recommend cooking in Green/Red sauce instead of Mole- we went for Salsa verde and it was delicious. Mole: I have tried at their brunch before, and was also very satisfied!

                    All in should pay them a visit!

                    1. re: gualessa

                      Thanks, will have to give them a try soon. I remembered reading good things about them on this board when they opened, but it's been a while.