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Sep 18, 2011 12:55 AM

The Cheshire Cat, Paramus

Anyone remember the Cheshire Cat restaurant on Forest ave. just North of Rte-4? I was last there in the late 1960's and found it crowded, noisy and the food wasn't good at all.

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  1. No One went there for the was a pick-up joint.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Yup fourunder,

      I kinda got that impression and never went back.

      1. The Orange Lantern is still going strong...

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        1. re: menton1

          wow! "The Orange Lantern"..........jAnother middle age meat factory just off rte-17 (North) . Now that was a place. Haven't been there since the early 70's.

          Way back then the "in" places were: The Cuss from Hoe (Paramus), The Collage (Rochelle Park) Jack Robert's (Emerson) Bootles (Hackensack) King Arthur's Pub (Hackensack) al! Memories.

            1. re: menton1

              Yea, Tom Swifts was a big meat factory. Later, in the 70's it was the "Bicycle club" on 9W.

            2. re: bogsidebunny

              BCC grad...Cuss was second home. Lift the Latch, too

          1. I do remember it! I was never there, but my older siblings were. I just remember as a kid, thinking that it sounded so mysterious. I always asked them "what's a Cheshire Cat?"

            While we're at it.....anyone remember Ronnie's Run in Englewood Cliffs, and the previous place in that same
            location? C'mon Chowhounders, you remember it.......what was the name?

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              1. re: fourunder

                You got it, fourunder! It temporarily went out of my head, so I'm glad you came up with it so fast!

            1. After Palisades Amusement Park, head over to Frank's Cozy Bar or Krieger's...

              1. I remember the Cheshire cat, brass bell, cuss from hoe, and a little place in the woods in ramsey,nj that specialized in French fries..the list goes on