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Sep 18, 2011 12:35 AM

organic ice cream in Sierra Madre

I just found this gem of an ice cream shop in Sierra Madre called Mother Moo Creamery... Has anyone else been? I am a huge fan of their orange with szechuan pepper... delicious. I haven't read any negative reviews yet but am curious as to whether anyone here has tried it.

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  1. It just opened, actually. It's the brainchild of Karen Klemens, who started out making absolutely stunningly good jams and preserved under the brand Mothercluck. (Seriously, her strawberry jam could make a hardened man weep.)

    I've had the ice cream; it's very good. I haven't had enough to be able to offer a clear opinion.

    1. A fellow hound blogged about it on her post a couple of days ago.

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        I love Mother Moo! If she has it on the menu, you have to try her Cucumber Sorbet. :)

      2. Terrible name aside, it sounds like a good place. Road trip!

        1. Haven't tried it and don't think 7 flavors is worth a road trip...though if I call ahead and they have something that sparks my flame I might hit the pedal.

          Organic milk and cream does not mean "Organic ice Cream" however. "all natural" maybe.