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Sep 17, 2011 09:38 PM

L'arrivage with toddler and baby

I want to go out for brunch for my husband's b-day with the the kids in Old Montreal and am tring to decide between Holder and L'arrivage. Is the later too chic and uptight for the kids? The toddler is well behaved but I don't want to have to worry that we are bugging people since he for some reason is unable to speak softly. Can anyone help with this?

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  1. We often do early brunch at Holder (since our daughter was 18-month old) and they are very accommodating. The noise is never a problem since it always seems loud there! And, Genevieve (the hostess) always makes sure the whole family is happy (and since our first visit and not only because we've become regulars!) We have never tried L'Arrivage.

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      Holder is better for children, other is open crowded room.