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Sep 17, 2011 09:32 PM

Fried Chicken on French Toast and the BBQ at Hadleys

Amazingly juicy and well seasoned, the fried chicken with maple syrup and french toast at brunch is as good as it gets. Louisiana style - just need to add the hot sauce! Amazing!

The smoked chicken and ribs at dinner are some of the best in the city. Homemade beans can be a bit dry but very tasty and the mac n cheese is delicious too.

The chef covers every detail so well in this unassuming spot it could actually rate as a Triple D spot.

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  1. Are you talking about Hadley's or Hardy's?

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    1. My experiences at Hadley's are more mixed (I've certainly been to Triple D places I didn't like as much) but my overall feelings are quite good (it is around the corner, after all) and the fried chicken french toast was an excellent piece of fried chicken. Not sure if it's better than the chicken and waffles at Stockyards, but it's certainly up there. experiences aren't too mixed. A mediocre burger one visit, a disappointing encounter with some smoked fish whose attached skin I found pretty gross but was assured was the way some people liked it, otherwise pretty happy. I've been for a few brunches and two dinners.

      I have had good to great experiences with the mac and cheese. They used to put a bit of bacon in it for a small supplement (but I was not offered on my last visit). They put a side salad on many of the breakfast dishes, which to me is the kind of unthinking sop to the try-to-please-everyone school of bruncherias that I find most loathsome--- OTOH my GF actually likes their side salad, and she's sat through enough of my side-salad tirades to know.

      They make a good Caesar. The place is comfortable and the staff are friendly and very earnest in the pride they show in their stuff. Likeable.

      For reference, I suppose I will say that I live closer to Mitzi's on College, but I gave that place the Lamia years ago. Hadley's keeps calling me back. Part of it is brunch-o lazyness, but definitely not all of it.

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        I have never had the burger nor the fish so I can't comment. I would agree Stockyards is the closest match but I give Hadley's the edge for their chicken and french toast as I like the herb spice that compliments it and the french toast is so excellent. As well there is no comparison when it comes to comfort and seating. Never had bacon in the mac but I have always found the mac tasty and rich enough that it wasn't missing anything for me except perhaps some extra crusty cheese on top. I much prefer their ribs to that of stockyards. Barque offers fried chicken and I really need to get there to try that given how much I love most of their other items.

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          No fried chicken today for brunch as it was sold out. One reason to keep these places a secret : P

          I tried the burger for the first time. It was perfectly charred, pink and dripping with juice. Could have used more salt and pepper to better bring out some of the beef flavour. I was happy it didn't have all kinds of spice to it. The condiments were standard but the bun was a nice porteguese style.

          Would definitely order the burger again - along with requesting an extra hit of S and P.

        2. My experience with Hadley's was the opposite, def not triple D material, but that was just my experience

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            What does it mean to say your experience was the opposite?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Went for brunch today only to discover a crew filming a new Food Network series called "You Gotta Eat Here!" Seems this is the much anticipated Canadian DDD?

              Personally, I think they picked a winner with Hadley's except I hate the idea of having to wait in line to eat my favourite ribs and fried chicken in Toronto...

              Any word on other restaurants chosen?

              PS: Today's burger with mac n cheese was excellent!