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Sep 17, 2011 06:38 PM

Best Eats in WS! & ?

This is a quick review and a question. The question is what are you favorite one or two spots to dine at in Winston-Salem. They can be favorites for whatever reason but looking for "total package" type places. Total package to me means food quality, authenticity, food value for dollar spent, atmosphere and presentation. Other than that - high brow or low, expensive or cheap, international or american, it doesn't matter.

Now for the review. I am going to pose Old Europe Restaurant on Stratford as one of the top places in Winston. The food is not the most refined, nor is the place this chic-est but it is authentic German food. And, how many places can you find that?

I appreciate the other top prospects in Winston - Meridian, Sweet Potatoes, Milners, Taco Riendo 3 and others. But, few have pulled a total package together for me like Old Europe. Having lived in German for a while, I will admit to being nostalgic but at the same time, Karl, the chef, has done a great job of recreating a German gaststube in North Carolina, down to the furniture and decorations let alone the food.

We've already been their twice and enjoyed both meals immensely. We've had the matjes filets, wurst sampler platter, schweinebraten, half duck and strudel. It has all been delicious and the portions generous bordering on huge. The sides - spaetzel (a delicious boiled and pan fried noodle), red cabbage, German potatoe salad and carrots have also been delicious. That all of the bread is baked in house and for sale out front should speak for itself. (Delicious for sandwiches and throughout the week.)

The only mistake you can make is just ordering a plain sandwich. Although this may seem comfortable it does not expose one to the delicious variety coming from Karl's kitchen.

So, does anyone else have an equally favorite restaurant that gets them going out instead of using their own culinary skills at home?

(By the way, I suggest you all try this new spot open since February 2011 for a new but authentic experience in WS.)

Sweet Potatoes
529 N Trade St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Old Europe
85 W Walnut St, Asheville, NC 28801

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  1. My experiance at Old Euroope did not match your experiance. The food was aceptable at best and the service was some of the worst that I have experianced in the area. I had the bratworst sandwich with German potato salad. The bratworst was a very small serving with very little flavor, and the potato salad was perhaps a 1/4 cup serving.

    Old Europe
    41 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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    1. re: Roger

      Roger, unfortunately, I think you are right on a couple of items. The service is not great but mine was not bad. And I think the one shortfall on the menu is the sandwiches. I have not ordered them but looking at them I didn't want to either. We had the sampler platter and I thought it was solid, definitely reminded me of sausages I've eaten in Germany.

      Sorry your experience was not as pleasant as mine. Hopefully they can pull it together for everyone. Do you have a favorite spot in Winston or nearby you think rates at the top?

    2. I haven't been to Old Europe yet, so I'm glad to see these reviews. Sounds like it's worth checking out--I'll be sure to avoid the sandwiches.

      My favorites include Diamondback Grill, Hutch & Harris, Senor Bravo (Mexican that's a good notch above most), and Christopher's. Over the weekend we tried the new Buena Vista Grille (a re-badging of the Big Shotz on Stratford Rd.) Food was excellent, although it's a bit pricier than most. Our entrees were around $16--not too bad, but a simple side salad (which doesn't come with meals) adds a hefty $6 to the bill.

      Old Europe
      85 W Walnut St, Asheville, NC 28801

      Diamondback Grill
      751 N Avalon Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27104

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      1. re: arbyunc

        I will second senor bravo. They have the standard tex mex stuff but do it better than average and they have some authentic mexican dishes as well. Their tequila selection also rises above the average

        1. re: arbyunc

          If I were to take a client or friend out for a meal in WS and wanted the highest percentage chance of being satisfied, I would go with Hutch & Harris, and highly recommend the pork chop.

        2. I think Roger has the wrong place. Here is correct address.
          1540 South Stratford Rd.
          Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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          1. re: Soty

            You are correct. I do not know how the address for the restaurant in Asheville got on my post.
            The correct location is Winston-Salem

          2. Check out the District Roof top bar and grill that opened this week