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Foodstock - October 16th near Shelburne

Is anyone from here considering going? Looks like it will be insane but with amazing food.


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  1. I'll show my support to this great cause that affects us all. I'll be there.

    Thank you for posting.

    1. So looking forward to this. I'll be there.

      1. I have been planning on going for some time now. Will be there.

        1. Would love to go to this, though I wish it wasn't 2 hours away. Most of me and my friends don't own a car!

          1. Anyone know how this will work in practice? Sounds like Pay What You Can admission. Will it be "Pay What you Can" samples too? Or will sampling tickets be extra? Thinking about volunteering for the event if they need people still but curious about logistics of the event itself. I know it is a fundraiser so I will be giving as much as I can one way or the other.

            1. Looking forward to this. Still haven't decided if I will be attending only or attending and volunteering but it is on my calender. Read that Ron Sexsmith will be there too.

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                Can't quite imagine how this will work with 20,000 people attending.

              2. Going! Could be a huge mess but I'm heading into it with an open mind and the hope that it helps make a difference.

                1. There are a couple of shuttle buses for those that don't drive. One is through slow foods.
                  I don't know how the whole event will play out. I have been to another Stadtlander event and it was great. I think if your mindset is getting value for pay what you can, then you are missing the point of this event. That isn't to say it will or will not be value. I think those who want to party with some great musicians and chefs, show support, and celebrate what this land can give us are the ones who will most enjoy this event.

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                    I agree, for this event in particular it truly is about the cause.

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                        Where did you see this posted? I would love to bring some wine.

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                          On their FB page they say they're not serving alcohol. I don't think they'll be frisking people at the door if you chose to pack a flask.

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                            I think the idea is that there is no booze so they have less of a security issue too...

                            I am going, but, I am just curious how everything is going to work out and I am mentally prepared for being stuck in a 3 hour parking nightmare, etc. :)

                    1. So, who is actually going for sure?

                      I am definitely going rain or shine. They addressed some of the logistics issues on their facebook. I am hoping for the best, regardless I am sure it will be memorable one way or the other.

                      BTW, for those that don't have cars there were some buses arranged. You can find more info on their facebook page. Some of them are full already (like the one from Guelph) but imagine they will add buses for departures from Toronto if needed?

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                          Just bought a ticket for the 7:30am Slow Food bus - anyone else on the same one?

                        2. re: ylsf

                          Still definitely going. Need to buy a pair of wellies.

                            1. Does anyone know if you can pay at arrival or if you need to do it online before hand?

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                                They posted that you can make a donation in person before but I think you are better off pre-registering both so they know the numbers better and to possibly save time getting in (although, it may not make a difference depending on how they set up entrance)..

                                They also are asking that each person register individually.

                              2. OK, after MUCH consideration I will be there!

                                Anyone else taking the 10:00 bus?

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                                  The slow food bus has changed one of their times from 11:30 to 9:30. Check your bus times and they suggest you show up 15 min early.

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                                    BTW I've been STRONGLY advised by one of the people volunteering to bring rubber boots, hats and mittens as well as rain gear. I can say from having been up there quite a bit, it gets COLD!!

                                2. My brief summary - WOW

                                  I will post more later but I am in a bit of a good coma right now. We planned to get there before the gates opened (got there around 10:45am) and I think that was a great idea as things did get pretty busy as the day progressed and the lines were longer but I was so stuffed by the end of the day and even though I wanted to try more of what was left I both didn't have enough room, and felt like I had my share and wanted those that got their later to try some stuff before sold out/given out.

                                  Overall, the event meat and exceeded my expectations. The logistics were worked out pretty well.

                                  More to follow later.... I already heard about one thing I missed that sounds awesome - Bacon Fat Peanut Butter/ bacon jam sandwich! (Niagara Street Cafe).

                                  Thanks for the organizers, chefs, and volunteers!

                                  Good to see so many supporters out there. I hope that the provincial government takes notice!

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                                    Ditto. Awesome event. This was even better than the event we attended on his property, and we payed $150 for that one. For those that didn't go, I'm sorry to say, you missed out big time. The food was included in your pay what you can admission.
                                    We arrived around 11:30, line ups were short and all the food was great. It must have been exciting for the chefs to stretch themselves working outdoors and adapting to a different environment. My vote for best, from what I tried, goes to Chef Higgins, from George Brown's cooking program, and his acorn squash soup with candied pecan and confit chicken. For those who haven't looked at his CV on Chef DB, it includes a stint at Buckingham Palace as well as other top establishments.
                                    Weather was less than perfect but the crowd remained festive. Despite the wind by the mainstage, Hayden and Cuff the Duke put on great sets. Apparently the attendance was approx. 28,000, that's what the Jays average nowadays. An exceptionally well run event all things considered. Some had run out of food by 3pm but most were still serving until we left at 4:30pm.
                                    Big thanks to all involved and as ylsf mentioned, make the provincial government take notice of this important cause.

                                  2. I am so sad-faced to have missed this. I'm hearing everyone had a wonderful time!

                                    1. Had an amazing time, great food, but I took a very chill, ambling about attitude. Wasn't there to judge food put out, but everything tasted fantastic. It was inspiring to see so many people care about such an important issue.

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                                        Yeah I was totally amazed by how the event turned out. I arrived really early since I was on the first bus, and there wasn't much set up when I got there, so it was great seeing how everything came together. Luckily, I was there early enough to try a lot of things before the lines got too long - by that time I was stuffed so half of my time was spent just roaming and enjoying the atmosphere. The pb/bacon jam sandwich was actually my favourite - the pb was made from both bacon fat and duck fat I think? Lol

                                      2. Great news reported by the Toronto Star!

                                        Mega Quarry stopped!!!


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                                          Great news. Difficult to say for certain what stopped the quarry but I like to believe that people have the power and can make a difference. Congrats to Stadtlander and all those involved.

                                          1. re: magic

                                            Great news indeed. I hope they do another food event to "celebrate" next year :) Foodstock was definitely a great experience, I won't say that I personally influenced the stopping of this mega quarry but I am sure that the number of people turning out to these events showed the government what the people wanted and didn't want.

                                            1. re: ylsf

                                              The local community, activists, press, and foodies all had a real impact here, it's pretty clear.

                                              A terrific day!!