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Sep 17, 2011 05:37 PM

Kin Shop - A wonderful neighborhood restaurant

As usual, full review with photos on the blog: http://ramblingsandgamblings.blogspot...

I cannot speak to its Thai "authenticity" as we did not try any spicy dishes, as well as the fact that the restaurant calls itself a "modern Thai" restaurant. Everything we had was delicious, although we did not have anything that I would call truly spectacular (my bar is set very high). With its tasty, well-executed food, surprisingly reasonable prices, and interesting interpretations, Kin Shop, in my view, is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant definitely worth a visit.

Fried Pork & Crispy Oyster Salad with celery, peanuts, mint & chili-lime vinaigrette. I enjoyed this dish very much. Pork and oysters go well together, and the crunchy textures throughout livened my appetite. Surprisingly light and fit to be called a salad, despite fried pork and oysters.

Grilled Prawns with fresh lime & "phuket style" black pepper sauce. The prawns cost $4 each and had a wonderful grilled aroma. They're not particularly large for the price, but reasonable and well cooked.

Roasted Duck Breast & Red Curry with crispy roti, green mango, fresh herbs & tamarind water. The duck was cooked well, but the red curry didn't really do anything for me, and it was not a particularly special combination.

Braised Goat & Massaman Curry with fried shallots, purple yams, mustard greens & toasted coconut. I really really enjoyed this dish. The flavorful fork-tender braised goat went well with the comforting massaman curry. The accompaniments all worked well and this is a wonderful dish to eat over white rice.

Duck Confit Fried Rice (Can't find it on the online menu). Rice, however, does not come with entrees, and so I decided to order a side of duck confit fried rice. It was a pleasantly large portion for $10. The duck was rich in flavor and not dry at all, which is something that can easily happen with proteins in fried rice.

Kin Shop
469 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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  1. Thanks very much for the report, I'm excited to try the duck confit fried rice!

    1. Terrible food. Nice server.

      Spicy Duck Laab Salad. Ok I guess.
      Squid Ink and Hot Sesame Oil Soup. I like this kind of thing, but just no real reason to order this.

      Massaman: Braised Goat. Fatty no flavor. Curry too sweet, jumbled.
      Grilled Prawns. Blah. $4 each is silly.
      Fried Brussel Sprouts. Over-fried. Can do this at home.
      Jasmine Rice. Way too dry. Serving rice this bad is unforgiveable.

      Cheverny Sauv Blanc. Its a decent table wine, $15/bottle retail I buy for home. At $10/glass, the markup seems a lot higher than I thought was normal.

      We went to Perilla when it first opened a bunch of times and liked it. I don't know what happened here. They'll prob have to try a full reboot eventually.

      For Thai in NY, I'll stick with Lotus of Siam and wait to try Pok Pok. Think Sripraphai is way over-rated on CH. Yet to try Zaab and other contenders.

      Kin Shop
      469 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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      1. re: tkny123

        sorry you had a poor experience...i've been Kin Shop at least 20 times and i've never had a bad meal: the food has been consistently excellent...i've had almost all the dishes you mention and they've been delicious every time...i will agree w/ you on the rice though: Kin Shop seems bizarrely unable to cook rice properly...

        re: wine markup: that price ratio from retail/glass-in-restaurant is average or even on the low side: at 4 and a half glasses per bottle, that's paying 3x retail...not sure where you're going to find wine for less than 10/glass in a nice place in the W. Village...

        1. re: Simon

          20 times in 1 year? What other Thai restos do you like?
          The Goat gets a lot of props. I have no idea why.

          I am no expert on wine markups. But I thought 2-2.5x WHOLESALE price is a common markup. If a bottle is $18 retail at a wine shop, it must be a lot less at wholesale to the wine shop. Let's assume its $10 wholesale and Kin Shop buys its wine at wholesale. Then Kin Shop's revenue is $45/bottle ($10 * 4.5 glasses), a 4.5x markup. If I am wrong somewhere, pls let me know, I'm curious.

          In contrast, I think the wines by the glass at Locanda Verde must be a much lower markup bc they always taste fantastic and only cost at $12-14/glass ($60/bottle). If I could buy their bottles at retail for only $20/bottle (if 3x markup), I'd buy cases non-stop, no q's asked!!

          1. re: tkny123

            howdy...i don't consider Kin Shop to be a Thai restaurant, but rather a NY chef's riff on Thai ingredients, executed very well (when i first went there, i didn't think i was going to like it, as i'm very picky about all things Thai, and i was surprised that it worked so well for me)...

            With the exception of the Isaan food at Zaab-Elee, i won't eat any actual Thai food in Manhattan as i think it's all terrible (almost every Thai person you meet in NYC will say the same thing: i've had conversations w/ Thai bartenders at many Manhattan places where they've conceded that, w/ the exception of the free staff lunch, they'd never ever eat the food at the place where they work)...if i want non-Isaan Thai food i go to Queens, w/ Ayada being my current fav...

            When i moved back to NYC this past year, i went to Kin Shop many times solo in the winter and spring and ate at the bar (especialy before/after hearing jazz at the Village Vanguard), which is why the yearly total is so high...these days i go there less often (maybe once a month), and usually w/ friends...everyone i've ever taken there has been quite happy...

            But it's a subjective thing, so i'm not saying you should/shouldn't like it :) but don't expect a reboot, as it's quite popular in it's current incarnation...

            oddly, i've never had the goat even though it's one of their standards...i've seen it and it does look a bit fatty for my taste...