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Sep 17, 2011 02:23 PM

ISO FRESH sardines, anchovies

I am not very familiar with the many different seafood shops/poissoneries in town. Does anyone know if it's possible to find fresh sardines and anchovies (also herring) - and if so, where? Are they particularly cheap or pricey? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks! :)

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  1. I've seen fresh sardines at the fish counter in Adonis. Not anchovies though.

    1. My go-to poissonerie for fresh sardines and anchovies is Coralli at 8955 Meilleur. Competitive pricing for sure.... Good luck!!

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      1. re: JohnnyGe

        I second Coralli good quality and large selection.

        1. re: ios94

          Do you know where their anchovies come from? Am I right in assuming that both the sardines and anchovies are previously frozen products?

          1. re: SnackHappy

            I couldn't tell you with certainty if they are frozen but I'm under the impression that they are fresh. I have never bought either from him but I notice sardines and anchovies behind the counter and IIRC he has them tagged with country of origin (obviously doesn't mean they haven't been frozen). I do buy a fresh Red Mullet type of fish that he gets from Greece only a couple of times per year that are on display with the sardines/anchovies, on the pricey side at about $35/kg.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Sardines are fresh while not sure about anchovies. Their staff will let you know honestly, so not to worry.

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          1. I bought fresh, never frozen-sardines years ago. I don't remember where or how much. What I do remember is that they were relatively expensive and not worth the price (to me) over the dirt cheap frozen variety.
            I don't recall ever seeing fresh anchovies.
            Herring, I dunno.

            1. Thanks for the help - I'm going to go to Coralli (I need something else in that area, so it's convenient) next week. Will report back, for info's sake. :)