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Sep 17, 2011 02:21 PM

Baby-friendly restaurants in Portugal

Hello, I am going on a holiday in Portugal with my husband and 8-month old daughter . I've done a search here for recommended restaurants but I'm not sure which ones I'll be able to take my daughter. We will mainly be in Lisbon and Porto but we'll also be stopping in Sintra, Obidos and Coimbra. We are foodies and would still like to experience the local cuisine so we're not asking for family oriented or touristy places (like a local version of Friday's, for example). We just want to pick places that don't mind having a young child (and a high chair might be handy too). Any recommendations on where we can take a baby would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Portuguese are so baby-friendly, you pratically can go everywhere, they all have baby-seats and nobody bothers about crying children, they rather help and try to comfort...
    You can find good restaurants in

    1. +1 to the previous response. No one seems to mind babies and small children in most restaurants in Portugal. Don't worry about it at all. (There is no Portuguese equivalent to American "family" restaurants -- there really isn't age segregation like we have in the US.)

      1. You'll be lucky if you manage to hold on to your daughter during meals. She will be entertained by the staff, especially if she is blonde!