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Sep 17, 2011 01:30 PM

Fondue in Central or Western New Jersey.... other than The Melting Pot

Anyone knowing of a restaurant serving fondue (preferably dinner, not just dessert) in Hunterdon/Somerset/Warren county area, other than The Melting Pot in Somerville?

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  1. The Grand Colonial in Hampton (off Rt 78, west of Clinton) has a nice fondue.

    Grand Colonial
    86 State Route 173, Hampton, NJ 08827

    1. Pheasant's Landing in Hillsborough has fondue on their menu.

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      1. re: hate2diet

        I thought of Pheasant's Landing too because I had fondue there several years ago. However, when I checked their on-line menu I didn't see fondue listed. Perhaps fondue is more of a winter dish for them or perhaps their on-line menu is not up to date. Have you had fondue there recently?

        1. re: ambrose

          I see fondue on their menu, in the vegetarian dishes section of their dinner menu. I'm not familiar with Pheasant's Landing and I can't get a good sense of it from their website (I think the catering hall photo is throwing me off.) How's the food there?

          1. re: Forklaw

            LOL! I guess you can tell I'm not a vegetarian; I didn't even look at that section.

            So, how's the food? We originally went to Pheasant's Landing because we thought it was going to offer excellent Swiss/German food (as I recall the owner was Swiss and the chef German). We were disappointed because there were remarkably few choices in that category. It's been a while but I do remember that the wienerschnitzel, which my friend had, and the venison cutlets, which I had, were quite ordinary, certainly nothing like similar dishes I've had in Europe or even NYC. I was also struck by the fact that there was a surprisingly poor choice of German beers, something I had been looking forward to.

            The time we had fondue it was pretty good and I would probably have it again.

            I can't comment on the 'American' dishes that are offered at Pheasant's Landing as I've never had any of them.

            I don't think you're going to find many places in your geographical area that offer fondue so you might want to give it a shot. I didn't know that the Grand Colonial, near Clinton, served fondue. In fact, I didn't even know that they had returned to offering a la carte dining.

      2. not sure but maybe sophie's bistro in hamilton nj