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Sep 17, 2011 12:27 PM

Your favorite stuffed green pepper recipe

At the farmer's market today and got beautiful green peppers (4/ for buck). Tonight, stuffed peppers. Issue: have never made. i think I've got the gist of a basic recipe but I'd love to combine the sauce from stuffed cabbage and have a lot of it to cook the peppers in.

Can you give me some help here? Thanks

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  1. I like all kinds of stuffed peppers: with sausage, with rice and nuts, with tempeh, haloumi, rice and beans. But my all time favorite is good old ground beef and rice with a tomato sauce. I don't really use a recipe for it, but this is close to the method my grandmother taught me.

    I don't use celery and always use fresh herbs and tomatoes when possible

    1. First I fry up onion and garlic then set aside, then I fry up mushrooms, set aside, then I brown ground burger (whatever you like turkey, hamburger, lamb), you can make rice but I am low carb hence the mushrooms, then I add everything together with tomato paste salt pepper oregano, basil to taste stuff peppers and top with cheese. For the peppers I boil for 5 minutes (after removing insides) then I bake everything for like 30 minutes at 375

      1. Well, this doesn't really address your original question about stuffed cabbage sauce, but one of the beauties of stuffed peppers is that there is a lot of flexibility. I like them stuffed with cooked and drained chorizo (the fresh kind that looks like ground beef), brown rice, and cilantro. Ground beef, Italianish herbs, tomatoes, and rice is also good; so is ground turkey with caramelized onions and tons of Worcestershire, mustard, and hot sauce for a reasonably healthy version. They also freeze well so that's worth considering since you're getting nice ones at a good price.

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          +1 for the caramelized onions, if you're using ground turkey, they really make the turkey more moist.

        2. I awoke this morning for the first time since I don't know when, grabbing for the covers. I love it when the weather changes and we begin to think about meals that are braised. We still have a week in September -our Indian Summer, and then we're officially in Fall.
          I've used ground turkey or ground beef, mixed with rice (cooked). Seasoned with fresh garlic, diced onion, tomato sauce, bread crumbs, and dry herbs like basil, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper. With your hands work everything through the meat, and then stuff the peppers. I've always stuffed the whole pepper, but recently saw (somewhere) where they were cut in half length wise and stuffed. A great idea I thought, since i can't always eat a whole pepper (but oh geez are they so good).. Anyway after stuffing I add more tomato sauce to the top, add a mix of chicken broth or beef mixed with tomato sauce in a bowl, and pour that around the sides. This makes the sauce a little more like the way I make my cabbage rolls so they don't dry out. I cover the peppers with foil or a lid, and then at the end take the lid off for about 10 minutes. You can put any grated cheese on top, and oh my they are a meal.

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            Thanks cc..I've made mine but didn't think to cover. Great suggestion. I ended up using stewed tomatoes with a little sugar and a dash of vinegar...some in the meat/rice mix, the rest for the peppers to sit in while they cook, and they had a big splash on top. Blanched the peppers before stuffing. 30 minutes from now I'll figure out if this was a good idea! Thanks all.

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              I'll have to try breadcrumbs-I've never done that. I am a big fan of halving the pepper though-keeps your options open about how much, and they're a little more stable I find.

            2. My grandmother used to make the bland tomato sauce, rice, and ground beef filling and pour tomato juice over the lot and used the same mixture for stuffed cabbage. They were dreadful and mostly rice which turned me off on them. It wasn't until a decade or so later that I fell in love with some stuffed peppers from an Italian cafeteria that used red peppers. A few years after they closed, I happened on the manager working at a department store who happily told me what their basic recipe was using pre made entrees and institutional products. Using that idea, I developed my own over the years making a dirty rice with ground beef/turkey with fennel and garlic added or Italian or turkey sausage, leftover spaghetti sauce, lots of chopped regular parsley, and some sugar, wine, and the basil. The sauce/meat mixture is sautéed till almost dry. The rice itself is made like many of the chicken restaurant Cajun dirty rice clones with chicken bouillon powder and then add black pepper and parmesan added later. I save the tops of the peppers to cap them, there's plenty of diced peppers, onion and diced Italian flavored tomatoes in my spaghetti sauce. I use green peppers for mine and it's a great way to finish off some extra spaghetti sauce. The taste is very similar to what I remembered and they've always been enjoyed by my family. I do mine in an 8Q pot with water about 1/4 way up the peppers covered until tender with some water nearby to keep up the levels.