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Sep 17, 2011 10:14 AM

Is There Such A Thing As GOOD Beef Jerky?

My french brother-in-law loves beef jerky and wants us to bring him some when we visit him next week. I can't stand the stuff so I woukd have great difficulty choosing one brand over another. Can someone please help me? It would have to be something generally available as I don't have time for mai, order etc. Thanks.

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  1. I don't know what day you are leaving, but if you order todat from this place in Texas, just outside Houston, you can probably have it Tuesday or Wednesday. I think a Frenchman would love some gen-u-ine Texas beef jerky. As for brands, I only get mine from good smokehouses, such as Prasek's below, I don't buy the pre-packaged commercial stuff.

    This is GOOD beef jerky.

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      Seconding that you don't want to go with a major brand here. The best beef jerky is the one that looks like it was made in small batches, then packaged up as cheaply as possible. Hit up some convenience stores. Eventually, you'll find something that fits that bill. Err on the said of plain rather than some exotic marinade.

    2. Stick with plain, or peppered, as some of the other flavors are blech.

      Here in NV we have the Alien Jerky places. Haven't been to one yet, but I see them advertised all over.

      Do a Google search for jerky. There was a guy from I believe Colorado that had some really good jerky at one of the fairs here. He carried beef, bison, emu,.........I also had some fantastic salmon jerky at the SHOT show a couple of years ago in Las Vegas. That outfit was from Alaska.

      Your BIL does know that it can be made at home , right? I use really lean London Broils for mine. My butcher cuts them 2"+ for me, and they weigh over 7# each. This could be the start of a new hobby for him.

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      1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

        since the OP only specified no mail order:

        BGD: in fact there a few good recipes/techniques here on CH for that. I have tried the Thai beef one (doctored a little) it's quite easy and takes maybe 24-30 hours (very little in prep time, most just letting it sit)

        now getting it into France is another question.

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          If you happen to be in acess to a Balducci's They carry a brand called Divine Bovine I think is really good (particulary the regular and Honey Teriyaki) It's usually near the checkout lanes in pouches.

      2. Of widely available brands, my favorite is Wild Bill - but I prefer dryer, crisper jerky, and I don't like it sweet. Avoid Jacks Links. Avoid Trader Joe's brand,

        You can also make beef jerky either in a dehydrator or even in your oven at 160-200 degrees. It's not particularly hard.

        1. There are meat markets all over that make good jerky. There are also meat markets that make poor jerky. If I were you I would go to Walmart and but Jack Links. I think the reason Cowboy said the avoid it is because it is not an extremely dry jerky, it is meaty and not crispy. Jack Links is also cheap when compared to other products out there. I suppose your price point needs to be lowee if Walmart is selling it. I'm sure they make up for it in quantity.

          1. Yes there is and you need to try them and find what you like. My personal favorite is Robertson's Hickory Smoked (original and not their Chopping Block product). It's dry and chewy and beefy and smoky. Not soft and mushy or sweet.


            They claim to ship anywhere.....plan ahead for the next visit and order well in advance of your trip. If he's a jerky lover, this stuff will make his day!