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Sep 17, 2011 08:32 AM

G2B in Durham

We got a group of ten local hounds together and went to G2B for dinner last night. I had a great time, hope everyone else did. Will recap the things I tasted, and hope the others will chime in on what they had and what they thought of the place. I called the in the afternoon to book the table, explaining that we might come in at staggered times and hoped it wouldn't be a problem. I got a call back, very friendly and accommodating. I thought the service was great - it must have been tough to work a table that big and keep track of various checks, drink orders, etc. I thought the room was clean and attractive, and Lulu especially loved the ceiling with the ever changing colored lights.

I was really happy with the things I ate. We got a bunch of shared bar snacks: the goat cheese croquettes, warm marinated olives, hot smoked trout on toast and grilled prosciutto wrapped figs. I didn't taste the figs, but thought everything else was very tasty. Really glad the trout was recommended - I loved it.

LulusDad got a burger and seemed pleased with it. Lulu got the pizza bianco which came with olive oil, roasted garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, arugula. She loved it, and the bite I had was really good too. I got the gnocchi with tarragon cream sauce and an arugula pesto. I thought this was outstanding. I'd happily order it or the pizza bianco again, along with the cheese croquettes and the smoked trout. I had two different wines; a California chardonnay and a Spanish rioja and enjoyed both.

thanks to everyone who came - it was a fun group, and I hope we can do something fun again soon.

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  1. I concur on the gnocchi with cream sauce - it was light and delicious. Would like to try it again with the puttanesca sauce. Defintely a winner that I'd order again.

    I'd already had a goat cheese croquettes on my previous visit and they did not disappoint. Husband had the bratwurst and sauerkraut again and was just as pleased as the first time around, though he said he thought the portion was slightly smaller (not a bad thing, as it leaves room to try other stuff). I also really enjoyed the marinated olives, which are another of the bar snacks.

    One of the other 'hounds present also shared her trout, which was also very good but maybe a touch salty for my tastes.

    The dessert menu was entirely different from our last visit just a few weeks ago. I know they employ a pastry chef so I'd guess that menu gets switched up fairly often. We had the chocolate bombe - which came with raspberry ice cream and orange chutney and was both beautifully presented and delicious. I'm not a big dessert person so I don't order it often but I've been really glad I did with this place.

    The wines by the glass I've tried there were OK but nothing to knock my socks off - so far I've tried the rioja, the malbec and the sauvignon blanc. Good but not great.

    I really enjoyed meeting the 'hounds I'd not met before and hope we can plan another outing again before too long!

    1. I concur with the first two posters about meeting everyone. I enjoyed everything I tasted. The bar snacks were shared at the beginning. We had a taste of the goat cheese croquettes, olives, and my favorite prosciutto wrapped figs which Lulu also seemed to enjoy. I tried a rib from another diner which was tasty and came off the bone with no problem. Also tried a chicken wing but thought it was just fine. I had the brat and kraut and while I enjoyed the brat, the kraut was somewhat salty.
      The desserts all sounded tempting and while I probably should have gotten their version of baked alaska, the butter pecan milkshake was just right thought it wasn't really a shake so much as a sundae. Still tasty though.

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        I totally forgot about the desserts in my original post. Lulu and I shared the butterscotch pudding with peanut butter cookie and a wonderful gooey caramel sauce at the bottom (thanks to bf's lovely wife for pointing that part out). Very very good. LulusDad got a chocolate banana milkshake, and he agrees that the description was all wrong - not very banana and not very chocolate, and he wasn't totally thrilled with it. He was otherwise very happy with the meal.

      2. It was a delightful evening. We enjoyed the bar snacks though I'm goat cheese adverse. so couldn't fully appreciate the chevre stuffed croquettes and fig/ prosciutto appetizers.

        I really loved the buffalo chicken wings (big portion for $8) though there were few takers among the rest of the chowhounders. My husband who has visited the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo says these wings though very different in style (more upscale) are just as good. I had the trout with couscous and summer vegetables which I liked (didn't find it too salty) but quickly exchanged for my husband's coca's cola ribs. He found them ribs too intense, but I appreciated the depth of flavor. I managed to get a taste of LulusMom’s gnocchi which were lovely and a few other samples. Everything was delicious.

        But the Dark Chocolate Bombe (see photo below) was really the bomb. The accompanying sorbet was actually cranberry-red wine and was further complemented by orange chutney and chocolate toast. Divine!

        The mains are generally in the $11 - $14 range and represent good value. My husband says they should be charging more. Sssh!

        II’s a great looking place – very spacious and plenty of parking. The only negative is the noise. We were at one end of the table and couldn’t hear a lot of the conversation. Early on (5:45-6:30) the place was quite empty but it did fill up later. That location is a curse so really wish them well.

        And btw, it was such a treat to finally meet Lulu. She is such a cutie with an astoundingly sophisticated palate. She ate and seemed to enjoy everything. Yay, Lulu!

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        1. re: TerryG

          Oh, thank you so much for the kind words about Lulu. She's really a great little eater. And you made her feel like a superstar when you walked in and said "Is this the famous Lulu?" Thank you for that.

          Am now kicking myself for not trying one of the buffalo wings. I was impressed with this place. Casual but still sort of upscale and the food made me happy.

          1. re: LulusMom

            Well Lulu IS a superstar -- a lovely 5-year old dining companion. I think that's pretty rare. It was a happy evening. We need to do it more often.

            1. re: TerryG

              I agree on the doing it more often part, although we will pretty much always have to do the early time that isn't so convenient for people (sorry about that). I'm really up for a visit to Nanataco. And I'm sure there are other places I could easily be talked into. And thank you for the kind words about Lulu - I always have lots of fun with her.

              I really do hope G2B succeeds now that I've been there. Such an awkward location, but cozy and good.

          2. re: TerryG

            TerryG, so glad you were able to join us! Thanks very much to you and your husband for posting the pic and the description of the bombe. My cell phone takes such awful pics I didn't even try - and the description is much better than mine; this dessert certainly deserves it! Lulu is 'the bombe' too - I so agree :)

          3. This was my first chowhound gathering and I really enjoyed it. People were very friendly. I'd love to go to Nanataco with the group. As for G2B, I was not impressed with the food except for the taste I had of the sauce with the gnocchi - delicious. Olives were good. I found the prosciutto wrapped figs overcooked. For seconds, I had a small plate of burrata and heirloom tomatoes. There, the issue was indeed size - so you can take these comments with a grain of salt . The tomatoes were sliced so thin they were almost not there, and the burrata slice was maybe an eighth of a small round, with little of the yummy inside creaminess of the Italian cheese. The server said it was Italian, however. My question is, why make up the dish so that the distinctive taste of the main ingredients is lacking? The place was spacious with tables spaced well apart so it was conducive to talking and hearing one's companions! The service was outstanding.

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              jan, so glad you were able to join us too - and your comments about the burrata are very interesting. On our first visit, I asked about it and was told the cheese was presented in a rather large lump, which our server didn't care for personally ... and I didn't order it based on the description. Sounds like things have changed in the opposite direction, and for the worse. Interesting to see what might happen with the dish in the future. I think they might be listening to the comments and responding to them. Which means eventually they will get the right balance. I do wonder, though, with winter coming on what might happen to any tomato-dependent dishes for the season.