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Sep 17, 2011 07:58 AM

Penang - Curry Noodles at Chulia Street

The street stalls here open only in the evenings on Chulia Street - you won't miss them. The clientele's largely local Penangites, which attest to the quality of food there.

The 2 most famous stalls are the Wanton Noodles stall and the Curry Noodles stall (my fave). Other popular stalls included those offering "Lor Bak", "Sar Hor Fun"/"Yee Fu Mein", "Apam"; and Fishball Noodles.

The curry noodles served by the old man here was insanely popular - his version did not include pig's blood like most other curry noodles stalls in Penang. But the spices used gave his curry gravy a piquant flavor that's an absolute delight. His noodles - a mix of yellow Hokkien noodles and "bee hoon" rice noodles had the perfect texture. The curry noodles came with beansprouts, cockles, cuttlefish, shrimps and "taupok" (beancurd puffs). One of the best I'd ever tried anywhere!

Address details
Street-side stalls on Chulia Street
(between Sek Chuan St & Carnarvon Street)
George Town, 10200 Penang
Opening hours: Evenings daily

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  1. Nice. Love the wanton mee there also. It was the more famous one, although the the curry mee stall seems to be always full of people waiting!

    1. I just came back from Penang and this was an accidental find! We were there to have the wanton mee that a local driver had highly recommended but the curry mee lady came to our table with an "extra" bowl of curry mee that someone ordered but didn't claim, so we told her that we would claim as ours. This was the best bowl of curry mee that I had in Penang - his curry is very flavourful and the coconut milk gives it a richness ... other than the very good curry, his cuttlefish was also very tender!

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        That's fantastic! I'd yet to be able to make a return visit to this curry noodles spot, and your post really brings back memories of its tantalising flavours.