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Sep 17, 2011 06:51 AM

Canned vs. fresh tuna, etc.

Someone started an interesting thread on the Manhattan board lamenting the use of fresh ahi tuna in a salad nicoise instead of canned or jarred tuna. It occurred to me that fresh ingredients aren't always better.

I think that frozen peas are often superior to fresh (though maybe fresh peas have to be really, really fresh). I also like frozen berries.


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  1. IMO, a good quality canned tuna (oil packed) is superior to using grilled fresh tuna because the oil in the tuna (the amount that remains after draining) tends to carry the flavor of the tuna deeper into the other ingredients. As for peas, frozen get my vote; if for no other reason than their labor saving advantage. Just don't suggest canned peas - ugh! Berries - fresh in season, frozen when no fresh are available.