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Sep 17, 2011 05:56 AM

Lake Como - based in Bellagio

Hello all,

I received such great help on this board for the Venice portion of our Italian vacation, so thought I'd ask about Lake Como as well....

We will be based in Bellagio for 3 nights and have a car. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for great dinner locales... I will try and enjoy every kind of food, but my husband is generally a meat eater. We are a young couple getting away from the kids, so are looking for romance or a fun time out.

Im wondering what time ferries run -- like would we be able to have dinner in another town on the lake (Varenna or Mennagio) and make it back to Bellagio in the evening? Or should we just stick in town?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We are in the same situation as you - well, will be based in Bellagio, but for 2 nights. From what I've gathered from this board and from other sources/research: gives you the time table for ferries. We are thinking of taking our car and visiting the towns around Cadennabia and Varenna. An example of what I've checked on the navlaghi site:

    Car ferry from Bellagio > Cadenabbia = every 10 minutes
    Car ferry from Menaggio > Varenna = every 15 minutes
    Car ferry from Varenna > Bellagio = every 15 minutes
    etc etc

    As for food, based on reports on this board and other sources of reviews/research, we have chosen Silvio (in Loppia) and Alle Darsene (also in Loppia) - both pretty much right by the Villa Melzi.

    * Silvio - mentioned in Snail Guide, €30-35
    * Alle Darsene - mentioned in GR, rated 74, €50 http://www.ristorantedarsenediloppia....

    For something alot fancier, there is Mistral at Grand Hotel Serbelloni (GR 87, 2 forks, €95).

    A few of the food specialties of the area:
    Lavarello - whitefish of the lake
    Missoltini - air dried shad, speciality of the region
    Persico - perch

    We haven't gone yet, so I can't personally vouch for these places, and I'm not sure if the ferry times I've given are 100% accurate, so please be sure to dbl check before leaving.

    I'm sure other CHers will be more help!

    Buon viaggio,

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      A not to be missed restaurant is Bilicus in Bellagio. Also a very sweet place called LaPunta (the point) is very good and is right down on the water. Enjoy we love Bellagio.

    2. You should do a search on this board for Bellagio. There have been several threads about it, and be sure to go back a few years. I would not travel outside Bellagio for dinner. You really don't need to. We had two dinners at Albergo Silvio, where we were staying, and were very happy. The fish that they catch in the lake are wonderful, and they also have excellent meat dishes. The filet mignon with green peppercorn sauce was perfect. Also went to Le Mistral, which was quite good, though I am not sure it was worth the expense. If you are not counting your pennies, I would recommend it.

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        Silvio - can endorse the recommendation - went there for lunch and dinner on different days when staying in Cadenabbia. Surprisingly (for me) they have a really good house beer - it is both strong and a little expensive (i.e., dearer than some of the wine) but if you like a contemplative beer with some character, try it.